Basketball Goals for Trampolines – 5 Hoop Reviews

Our Basketball Goals for Trampolines Quick Choice

Thanks to the springy jumping mat, jumpers can reach incredible heights. Why not throw a basketball hoop in the mix and let jumpers dunk like the pros? In fact, basketball goals for trampolines are unique accessories that's fun, easy to use, and safe.


Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer

jump slammer


  • Attaches to enclosure support
  • Two brackets for secure and versatile fit
  • UV protected
  • Breakaway rim

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This model from Trampoline Pro is designed to fit most of the popular trampoline brand enclosures. It attaches directly to the pole, regardless of its shape. It will fit tightly onto enclosure poles that measure 1.5 inches in diameter or smaller. Two brackets attach at the base and top of the pole to accommodate curved or arched models.

It's made from durable materials that are treated to resist damage from the sun. The hoop itself is designed to break away. Not only does this provide a realistic dunking experience, but it makes it safer. Jumpers won't be able to hang on and risk damaging the trampoline.

Propel Trampolines Jump N' Jam Basketball Hoop

basketball hoop for a trampoline


  • Attaches to enclosure support
  • Powder-coated metal
  • 10-inch soft rim
  • Backboard with rebound wings

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Also designed to attach to enclosure supports, this basketball hoop for a trampoline is made for crazy dunking. The rim measures 10 inches in diameter and is fully padded. It's also flexible to ensure that younger kids don't experience injury. The main support and frame are made from powder-coated metal for durability.

The unique thing about this hoop is the backboard and wings. The backboard is sturdy enough to hold its shape but pliable enough to fold when not in use. It has expansive wings on either side of the hoop. This helps with shot accuracy and rebound. The wings will catch flyaways with ease, eliminating the need to constantly jump out of the trampoline to retrieve balls.

Skywalker Jump N' Dunk 15-Foot Trampoline

Skywalker Jump N' Dunk 15-Foot Trampoline


  • Attaches to enclosure with rope
  • Soft materials
  • Padded rim
  • Velcro breakaway rim

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From one of the most trusted trampoline brands is this complete set. It includes a large 15-foot trampoline, enclosure net, and exclusive basketball hoop. This hoop doesn't deliver an authentic basketball experience, but it does provide a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

It's made from a soft plastic material that's treated to resist damage from the elements. The entire unit is attached to the safety enclosure as a single piece. Instead of using a tough metal support, this hoop uses rope. 

Rope at all four corners of the goal are attached to the enclosure supports for stability. Velcro is used to hold the rim in place. This allows it to detach with ease. Padding on the rim and soft materials all around ensure that jumpers stay safe with every slam dunk.

SKLZ Pro Mini Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball Hoop

trampoline basketball hoop


  • U-Shaped brackets for attachment
  • Shatter-proof polycarbonate backboard
  • Spring-loaded rim
  • 9-inch hoop
  • Glowing accents

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While not made specifically for basketball on trampoline use, this hoop is a great option for families that want to play their favorite game in the dark. The hoop is made from a combination of polycarbonate and steel for an attractive look and ultimate durability. The backboard features clear polycarbonate and eye-popping decals that glow in the dark of night.

The rim is made from steel and measures 9 inches in diameter. It's spring loaded, allowing it to collapse with every dunk. Brackets on the back of the shatter-proof board can be used to attach the hoop to the enclosure net or supports. It uses two U-shaped brackets. This makes it incredibly versatile in terms of attachment. Families can use a variety of methods to permanently or temporarily fasten the unit to their trampoline.

VersaHoop PLUS Clamp-on Mini Basketball Hoop

basketball goal for trampoline


  • Attaches to enclosure support
  • Durable plastic
  • Breakaway hoop
  • 10-inch rim
  • Adjustable clamp system

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This is a superb basketball goal for trampoline use. It's made from high-quality plastic that's light and easy to maneuver. Furthermore, the backboard is relatively large for a realistic playing experience. The hoop measures 10 inches in diameter and is made to break away for safety. This feature also makes it very portable.

The hoop attaches to an enclosure support with two clamps. These clamps will latch onto a variety of different pole thicknesses securely. They work on either horizontal or vertical poles. The clamp system is versatile, so the hoop can be used virtually anywhere. Because it's easy to move, jumpers can position the hoop any way they like and perform crazy dunks.


While they're great all on their own, additional trampoline accessories can provide hours of extra fun and exercise. One of the most popular accessories available is a basketball hoop. 

Basketball goals for trampolines are specially designed to protect jumpers from painful injuries. They actually attach directly to the frame of the trampoline or to the enclosure system. This keeps the hoop within the confines of the jumping surface. 

There's no worry about falling off when trying to make a trick shot or running into a cumbersome pole. Today, playing a game of basketball on trampoline is totally safe.

"Whether it's for playing a competitive game of basketball or simply to perform cool tricks, these basketball hoops are a great addition to any trampoline. They're also easy to install as a permanent accessory that will be used for years. With numerous safety features built in, anyone can master the slam dunk."


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