How to Measure a Trampoline and Replace your Trampoline Mat

Despite their durable build and high-quality materials, trampolines aren't immune to damage. While they may last for years without any problems, certain components of the trampoline will need replacing at some point or another. Whether it's the safety pad fraying after years in the sun or the jumping mat losing its resilience after thousands of jumping sessions, it's important to find a replacement as soon as possible to ensure that the unit is safe to use.

To make the replacement process easier, it's good to know what your trampoline's specifications are. However, chances are, you don't have any of the original paperwork. In that case, you need to understand how to measure a trampoline. The trampoline industry uses specific measurements to size their products. Regardless of the brand, you can easily learn how to measure a trampoline with a few easy steps.

How to Measure a Trampoline

Things to Consider Before Measuring

There are a number of things to consider prior to measuring the unit. It's important to keep these tips in mind to ensure that proper measurements are taken.


Measuring multiple times provides ample opportunities to spot a mistake. It's a good idea to write the first measurement down, measure the same part again, and compare numbers. Hopefully, the two numbers will match. The same goes for counting springs. With many trampolines having up to 100 springs, it's easy to miscount. Double back and count again to ensure that you know how many springs the unit needs.


One of the biggest mistakes owners make is improper measuring techniques. Measuring tapes should be taught and perfectly aligned. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done when measuring across the entire diameter of a trampoline. This is when having some extra help comes in handy. To make sure that measurements are accurate, use a helping hand to hold the measuring tape straight on the other side of the unit. They can also go over your measurements a second time to test for accuracy. Comparing numbers and figuring out any discrepancies can prove to be beneficial in the long run.


Ideally, the trampoline that's being measured is still standing. Mats, in particular, should be measured taught and smooth. If the unit is sagging, it needs to be taken off and placed on a flat surface for measurement. It's important to make sure that the mat is completely smooth before measuring. Even the slightest fold or bump in the fabric can throw off the measurements.

Why Measure a Trampoline's Frame

The frame of the trampoline is one of the most important measurements to find. It's the foundation of the entire unit, so many accessories are built to fit particular sizes. Finding precise measurements will allow you to find matching springs covers and other safety accessories. The matter in which you take measurements depends entirely on the design. For example, rectangle trampolines are measured differently than round options due to their straight lines and square angles.

How to Measure a Round Trampoline

The most commonly found trampoline in family backyards, round models come in a variety of sizes. They're fairly easy to measure, though they do take a bit of extra math to get accurate results due to their round edges. The measurement used is the diameter of the frame.

With a helping hand and a long measuring tape, simply measure from one side of the frame to the direct opposite. This should be measured at the exact center of the unit. Once this measurement is found, do the same thing on the other side perpendicular of the previous measurement taken. Essentially, your measurements should create an even cross. Now find the average of the two measurements. They should be fairly close to each other with only minor discrepancies from imperfections in ground level and on the frame. Finding the average eliminates these inaccuracies.

How to Measure a Rectangular or Square Trampoline

Square or rectangular trampolines are very easy to measure thanks to their parallel sides. the length and width are used to size trampolines and accessories to give you a better understanding of the size.

The smaller sides should be measured first. if you're measuring a square unit, simply take measurements of all four sizes. in a rectangular trampoline, the shorter sides should be measured first. compare the two measurements and take the average to ensure that the measurement is accurate. then, move on to the longer sides. again, take the average to find the precise measurements.

Measure Oval Trampolines

Oval trampolines combine the best aspects of a round unit and a rectangular unit to create a high-performance unit that's safer to use than a rectangular option. With that being said, the unique shape can make these trampolines a bit more challenging to measure. Sizing is done similarly to that of a rectangular unit, taking both length and width into consideration. However, the curved edges require you to take measurements at the widest point in each dimension.

Like with a rectangular unit, it's recommended to start with the shorter side. Instead of measuring the edge, find the widest point in the trampoline. Usually, it's in the middle. Take this measurement a couple of times before moving on. To find the length, measure the opposite side and cross over the center of the trampoline at the widest point.

How to Measure Octagonal Trampolines

These unique trampolines are comprised of multiple sides. However, the shape is treated very similarly to that of a round trampoline. A single measurement is used to size them. It requires a measurement going across the entire unit, not unlike the diameter in a round option. The difference is that you must take the corners into consideration.

Before measuring, take note of how many corners the trampoline has. Now measure from one corner of the frame to the corner opposite of it. The measuring tape should cross the exact center of the trampoline. After this is completed, find the measurement from another corner to its exact opposite. This should be done with at least two corner sets, though you can do it with every corner for accuracy. Once all the measurements are taken, use them to find the average.

How to Replace Your Trampoline Mat

Replacing the jumping mat of a trampoline can bring it back to life. It'll be safer to use and provide a better rebound. To replace the mat, you need to take multiple measurements, the first being the frame size. Then, the mat itself needs to be measured. To do this, take the mat off the frame and set it down on a flat surface. Then, use the same method used to measure the frame to measure the mat. The rings should be disregarded, paying attention only to the fabric. After that's calculated, the springs should be measured.


While most don't realize it, springs are available in multiple sizes. The length of the springs determines how bouncy a unit is. To find an accurate measurement, springs need to be removed. It's recommended to remove at least three springs in good condition. Sizes are determined by a spring's unstretched length. To find it's size, measure from one hook end to the other. Do this for multiple springs and find the average for precision.

How to Measure a Trampoline Conclusion

"With a simple measuring tape and these tips in mind, you can determine the size specifications of your trampoline. Knowing how to measure a trampoline is important when it comes to finding suitable replacement parts and accessories. Measurements allow you to get the right parts to make your unit fun and safe to use as if it were brand new."