trampoline straight bounce

Before you move on to more difficult shapes,
it's crucial you learn how to straight bounce and stop the proper way.


When it comes to stopping a bounce there are a few things to consider.
You want the body to absorb the energy of the trampoline.
This is done by bending the knees and hips as the trampoline starts to push back up. Keep a straight back!
Arms straight in front of you.
As if you were riding a motorcycle.
Toes pointing forward and your knees pointing a little to the sides.
This will create stability in the landing and prevent injuries.

kill bounce


Take your socks off! You want to get a good grip. Let's bounce!!!
First off, you want to keep your body upright and vertical . Looking straight into the horizon.
If your looking down you're going to be travelling or rotating forward.
If you're looking too high you're going to fall backwards. Start with your arms down .
Then you want to swing them over your head on your way up.
On the top of the bounce there should be a straight line from the hands, all the way down to your toes.
You don't want your shoulders, or the angle in your shoulders, being forward of your head.
On your way down, bring your arms down by your sides again.

Image: Brentwood Trampoline


Next step is jumping with your arms above the head.
And keeping them there. It's going to be really hard. 
Because every time you land, the gravity is going to force your arms down.
When you're in the air, squeeze your butt and belly tight.
It's all about the core of your body.
Toes pointing at all times. Except, when landing on your feet.
Land on the trampoline mat with flat feet. 
On the way up, push your toes deep into the mat with your legs straight.
This will give you maximum bouncing force.

trampolining basics

Image nr 2: Springfree Trampoline
Image nr 4:  Dominique Bergeron 
CC BY 2.0