Trampoline Hiit Workout for Weight Loss – 7 Fittest Workouts

While it's often viewed as a lighter exercise option, there are ways to increase the intensity for maximum effect. Trampoline HIIT workouts are an enjoyable way to burn fat and lose weight.

Here's a collection of great HIIT workouts that can be performed on a trampoline. They're fairly easy to do, even to those who aren't as experienced. 

The Fitness Master

Fitness masters looking for a challenge should give this trampoline HIIT workout a try. It's tough and uses a number of challenging activities. In fact, many of the exercises don't involve jumping at all.

You will be using the trampoline to bounce a basketball. Retain balance while boxing. Perform traditional crunches. Do push-ups. And much more.

It does use the trampoline for intense jogging. But most of the activities use it creatively. Either way, any fitness lovers will feel the burn.

Tabata Style

This workout follows the Tabata style of training. Which is a type of HIIT that's 20 seconds of hard exercises followed by 10 seconds of rest. It involves 4 separate exercises.

The intense periods utilize resistance bands and heavy jogging. Each 30 second period is repeated 8 times before moving onto the next exercise for a total of 16 minutes. It's a short routine that will make anyone sweat.

Short and Simple

Another Tabata style workout. This routine is very easy and short. The intense exercises utilize the entire body. From the arms to the legs. Jumpers will find themselves kicking, twisting, and even performing crunches.

Each activity is followed by a short period of light jumping. The great thing about this workout is that it lasts only 4 minutes. Jumpers can repeat the workout multiple times for a lengthier session.

Sweat Machine

Those looking for a truly intense test can perform this challenging workout. It's only 4 minutes. However, the exercises in the workout will make anyone lose their breathe.

The intense workouts include knee touches, squats, and much more. The rest periods don't include workouts. Jumpers can stop and rest for a short 10 seconds before moving on. While it may be short, it does a great job at testing the entire body.

Long Interval Fun

This routine is fun, yet challenging. It actually uses 10 different exercises. The session is 20 minutes. 

Furthermore, it gets through different intensity levels throughout. Starting off with light bunny hops to get the blood moving. Before going on to more difficult activities. Like squat jumps and high-knee jogging.

One thing to point out is. This is not a traditional HIIT workout. Because, the intervals are long. However, it still burns calories and fat effectively.

Backyard Gymnastics

This is a trampoline HIIT workout that is designed for backyard units. This workout takes up more room. Jumpers can perform the workouts with more intensity than normal.

For example, the increased jumping area provides room to make intense side jumps. Other exercises include drops and jumps that incorporate some elements of gymnastics. It's a great way to use the backyard trampoline for weight loss.

Intense Sprinting

This workout is fairly simple and quick. However, it's designed to be repeated or used with other exercises. Essentially, it's sprinting at different levels of intensity. It starts with a simple jog and gets faster.

Once the heart rate is up, jumpers must jog at a very fast pace while turning around the trampoline. The process is repeated after a short 10-second period of light jogging.


Trampoline Hiit workout

Working out on a trampoline is becoming more and more popular. Because of its many benefits. Trampolines provide a fun, low-impact workout. And it can be done by people of any age and fitness level. 

High intensity interval training, is a form of cardiovascular training. It's different from normal training styles. Because, it is a mixture of intense workouts and short periods of easy activity.

Most of the training time is used for fast and hard exercises. Rest periods of light exercise are thrown into the mix to challenge the body. Performing a HIIT workout on a trampoline combines the benefits of both for a unique fitness session.


A HIIT Trampoline workout is incredibly effective for a number of reasons. The body improves the way it uses glucose and fat. Furthermore, the periods of intense activity will burn more fat and calories. More so than a standard anaerobic exercise that stays steady throughout.

Not only that, but a high intensity interval workout will also increase metabolism. You will keep burning calories after the jumping session is over


All that's required is a mini-trampoline and a willingness to move. Most trampoline workouts uses a lot of stretching and jumping. Some use resistance training, and light gymnastics.

With high intensity interval training, these exercises are paired with light jogging or jumping. The actual main goal is to increase the heart rate. And, challenge the body and burn fat. I think the best thing about these workouts is that it pushes the body hard. But, for short and comfortable periods of time.


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