Once the basics are dominated and jumpers have a good grasp on intermediate tricks, it's time to move onto advanced stunts! These tricks aren't for the faint of heart. They require great concentration and control to master. While they may seem daunting, advanced trampoline tricks are just about understanding the body and the trampoline. The bouncing surface makes it easier to complete tricks safely. When performed correctly, these tricks are a surefire way to impress.

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As the name implies, this trick has jumpers flipping forward twice before landing upright. It's important to start off slow and commit fully to avoid injury. At this point, jumpers should know how to tuck their knees in quickly and when to open up for the landing during a front flip, so, the challenge is making it a double. 

The key to making two rotations is speed and launch angle. Keeping an eye on the edge of the trampoline, launch forward a bit to create rotation. Keep the eyes open and knees tucked. Instead of opening up like normal, wait for the second rotation. Then, it's all about sticking the landing. Jumpers may need to achieve greater bounce height to ensure that they have enough time to land properly.


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The double back flip is a bit trickier than a front flip because it requires pulling the legs over the head. Those that have the standard backflip down will have no problem. It's all about pulling the legs over faster to complete more rotations. With a high bounce, position the hands up and slightly back to create rotation.

Immediately tuck the knees into the chest tightly and use the hands to pull the legs back and over the head. It's important to try this out a few times before attempting to stick the landing. The height and trajectory of the bounce can be manipulated until there's enough time to open up and land correctly.


hardest trampoline trick

The Misty 720 is a cool jump trick that involves twisting sideways in the air while flipping. It's a go-to trick for gymnasts due to its complicated nature. With that being said, the trick is fairly easy to complete for those that have a grasp on basic tricks. Start by achieving a high bounce. 

To initiate the trick, throw the right arm towards the left toe. With this motion, look at the left shoulder and twist the entire body towards the left toe. The head and torso should follow the natural motion. Once the feet are off the jumping surface, tuck the knees into the chest. A hand can be used to tuck knees in. Once the body starts to straighten out, simply open up for the landing.


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One of the hardest advanced trampoline tricks to complete, the off-axis corkscrew 720 is a real stunner. Essentially, it's a standard corkscrew that's completed while performing a flip that throws the body off-axis. With a large jump, look down at the left toe to start a corkscrew. It requires a lot of force to complete a full 720-degree spin, so the right hand can be used for momentum. Throw it towards the right toe. As this is being done, quickly tuck the knees in. 

This change in momentum will cause the body to flip on another axis. The feet should come up behind the body. After about 540 degrees of spin, the jumping mat should be clearly visible for landing. At this point, open up the body and prepare for a clean landing.


advanced trampoline tricks