Those in search of a high-quality trampoline for their family to enjoy should consider investing in a model from AirZone. AirZone is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality trampolines of all shapes, sizes, and designs. The company's wide range of trampolines are perfect for the whole family. 

Kids will enjoy smaller units designed for safety and fun while parents bounce their way to good health on a small rebounder. When it's time for family fun, an AirZone backyard trampoline is available for memorable games and activities.

Despite the model chosen, AirZone is known for their high-quality build and focus on safety. The trampolines are built to last and provide years of family fun. Here are a handful of Airzone trampoline reviews on various models to give families a better understanding of the brand and what they have to offer.

55 AirZone Trampoline

This small and compact 55-inch trampoline is made to provide kids with fun and exercise. Its small footprint allows it to fit virtually anywhere. The miniature trampoline can be assembled both indoors or out depending on the family's needs. Despite its small size, the trampoline has plenty of room for a lively child to bounce for hours on end.

The trampoline comes with a full enclosure system. A net fully encompasses the child as they jump to protect them from accidental slips and falls. The net rises high above the child and features a zippered opening for easy access. The jumping surface achieves its rebound via elastic bands rather than traditional metal springs. This provides lighter bounce and improved safety for children.

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The 55-inch trampoline from AirZone is chock full of safety features. Not only does it contain a full enclosure system, but it has an abundance of padding as an added safety precaution. The enclosure rods are clad in thick padding to protect the head and body. Even the perimeter of the jumping surface has protection to create a comfortable and safe barrier between the elastic bands and tiny fingers. To ensure that the unit is safe for child use, AirZone had this trampoline tested in an independent lab to meet any ASTM safety standards.


Some buyers have expressed concern over the durability of the materials used. More specifically, the enclosure net is prone to damage. Some buyers have experienced tears in the enclosure net and protective padding. The zipper used to gain entry into the trampoline is also known to break. While the trampoline can be used inside, none of the materials are specifically treated to withstand the elements. Prolonged exposure can lead to damage over time.

55 AirZone Trampoline Product Specifications:

  • 55-inch diameter
  • 60-pound capacity
  • Steel frame
  • Included enclosure system
  • Padded support rods and band cover
  • Zippered access panel

AirZone 15 Trampoline and Enclosure

If the whole family wants to get in on the fun, this 15-foot trampoline from AirZone is the way to go. The backyard model is built for both fun and fitness. It features a bevy of safety precautions to ensure that jumpers of any age stay safe at all times. In fact, AirZone also ensured that the trampoline met or exceeded ASTM standards. It's heavy padding, included enclosure system, and robust frame all contribute to its safety and longevity for years of fun.

Much like the smaller counterpart, this large trampoline features an enclosure with padded rods for safety. The net attaches to the frame itself, creating a gap-free enclosure that will catch anyone who stumbles. There's also a larger zippered entry for safe access by jumpers of all ages. The 72 steel springs are covered by a pad that is treated for UV protection

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In my opinion, this trampoline's real shining point is the frame. It's built from galvanized steel that's resistant against corrosion. The design utilizes 6 W-shaped legs. These unique legs prevent tipping in windy environments and create 12 points of contact on the ground for extra stability. They are attached to the main frame via no-weld T-sockets. This method creates a strong frame that doesn't twist with repeated use.


When it comes to disadvantages, this trampoline has seen its fair share of issues. Most of the issues stem from the assembly process. Some buyers received packages with missing or damaged parts, which ultimately halts the entire process. Putting the unit together can be cumbersome. It involves multiple people as the steel parts are very heavy.

AirZone 15 Trampoline Product Specifications:

  • 15-foot diameter
  • 200-pound capacity
  • Included enclosure system
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • 6 W-shaped legs
  • 72 steel springs
  • UV-resistant mat and pads

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

This rebounder from AirZone is perfect for enthusiasts that want to take advantage of the many health benefits trampoline jumping provides. Unlike larger backyard models, this fitness trampoline can be used on any hard surface inside the home. I like the fact that it's small and compact enough to take on the go. It's available in a 38-inch model or a bigger 48-inch model.

The frame is made from steel tubes and is roughly 9-inches off the ground. The 6 steel legs provide ample support even during the most rigorous exercises. There's also plastic floor protectors to prevent sliding and damage during a workout. The entire frame is powder coated for rust-resistance. The elastic jumping mat is made from a durable polypropylene for durability.

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This unit doesn't utilize springs like a traditional trampoline. Instead, it uses elastic bands around the entire perimeter of the frame. This provides a number of great benefits, including safety and efficiency. The lack of metal springs eliminates the risk of injury from sharp metal that has snapped. The elastic bands are also incredibly quiet and virtually silent to others in the home. A padded cover keeps the bands protected from damage.


Despite its small size, the trampoline has given some customers a difficult time during the assembly process. The instructions state that the unit needs three adults to assemble, but even then many have had difficulties due to the tight elastic bands. Some have even experienced snapping of the legs if used too rigorously by someone closer to the 200-pound weight limit.

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline Product Specifications:

  • 38 or 48-inch diameter
  • 200-pound capacity
  • Utilizes elastic bands for rebound
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Plastic-tipped legs screw on and off
  • Perimeter padding to cover bands
  • 9 inches tall

AirZone Trampoline Reviews Conclusion

With these AirZone trampoline reviews in mind, families can choose a trampoline that's right for their needs. Regardless of the model chosen, families can rest assured that they're getting a high-quality trampoline that will provide years of better health and memorable fun.