If you have a trampoline, chances are, you have a few basic tricks up your sleeve. But, they're probably not as awesome as what's actually possible. I've collected some of the most amazing videos of tricks to do on a trampoline. 

No matter what your skill level is, these videos will have you pushing yourself to the limit and striving for something bigger and better. They'll have you breaking a sweat, and chances are, you'll feel the pain after you step off the jumping mat. 

Either way, they'll get your adrenaline pumping and have you looking like a kickass trampoline master to anyone who watches.

The Fearless Acrobat

These tricks are not for the faint of heart! If you've just started getting into the world of trampoline tricks, this is what you need to work towards.

These guys perform sick tricks that look near impossible to perform. They flip, twist, and bounce to incredible heights. Some of the tricks require a partner, so if you plan on giving these shot make sure to get a talented friend you trust.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have an Olympic-sized trampoline either, as all of the moves will have you getting incredibly high.

Defying Gravity

This video may have you scratching your head, as the talented jumpers defy gravity by jumping along a wall. These tricks to do on a trampoline are amazing if you have access to a large trampoline and padded wall.

Make it look like you're going against the laws of physics by running up the side of a wall or face your fears by taking a leap of faith off the wall.

Either way, these tricks will make you look like a kick ass gymnast, if you can manage to pull them off while looking effortless that is. Go off-the-wall and amaze everyone.

Skate/Jump Hybrid

Ever want to know what happens when the world of trampolines and skateboarding collide? This video combines the best of both worlds. Instead of just jumping with your feet, take your skateboard for a spin on the trampoline and perform awesome flips and ollies.

The skateboard gives you a whole new world of possibilities. This guy looks like he knows how to have a great time, and in the video, he shows you just that. His skateboard becomes an awesome device to display epic footwork and flips.

Just don't forget to take off the wheels before you start jumping!

The Monster Motivator

This video is made to get you pumped for jumping. Even if you don't know how to perform any tricks yet, this video will have you dreaming and motivated to get your ass on the jumping surface. It's filled will a ton of different short video clips and pictures of highly skilled acrobats and gymnastics.

They make their complex flips and movements look easy! It's a great source of inspiration and motivation. Not only that, but it's got a thumping soundtrack that makes you want to get up and start bouncing.

Cinematic Swag

These kids make performing crazy stunts look like a walk in the park. They show you a range of different tricks to do on a trampoline, rangingfrom simple flips to insane jumps over a dirt bike.

If you don't plan on ever giving these tricks a shot, don't fret, it's still an awesome video to watch based on the quality and soundtrack alone. These guys made sure to capture their tricks the best way possible, using great cinematography that captures the extremeness of every stunt.

The awesome hip hop track also helps get the blood flowing.

Headbanging Parkour

This video gives you a glimpse of what happens when you pair fast-paced parkour with the high bounce of a trampoline. The group of guys in the video will make you incredibly jealous as you see what they can do.

Not only do they perform the standard flips in a trampoline, but they take it a step further. They use mini trampolines and water trampolines to enhance their parkour prowess.

If you've ever wanted to look like a bad ass flipping monster, this video's got you taken care of. It'll have you motivated and ready to rock, complete with a headbanging soundtrack and all.