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Jumping shoes and Kangoo boots are a fun alternative to trampolines and roller blades. They allow you to achieve impressive air and perform one-of-a-kind stunts that inspire. Modern designs are the best jump shoes that have ever been available.

Gone are the days of flimsy mechanisms that attach to the bottom of shoes. Today's jump shoes are barely a reflection of the shoes from yesteryear. They're carefully designed to be fun while providing maximum performance and impeccable safety.

These unique shoes aren't as widespread as other equipment, but they're rising in popularity due to the many benefits and versatility. What was once viewed as a kid's toy is now used by adults all over the world.

If you're on the lookout for a pair of jumping shoes to get started, look no further. We've compiled a list of the best jump shoes on the market today. 



Kangoo Jumps KJ XR3 Features:

  • 200-pound capacity
  • Multi-size Liner
  • IPS T-spring
  • Hard boot with ankle hinge
  • 2-way locking system
  • Adjustable resistance

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best jump shoes to buy

Kangoo Jumps is a leading manufacturer of jump shoes, and with good reason. Every pair they have designed continually pushes the boundaries and provides a more effective and fun workout. 

The Limited Edition RJ XR3 is no different. It uses a unique "T" spring system. Made from IPS, the spring is sandwiched between the two arc shells. They are fully adjustable to provide a personalized jumping experience based on height and weight.

A hard boot is very reminiscent of roller blades. However, these boots include a hinged ankle for free movement, a 2-way locking system, and a removable liner. The arc shell that makes contact with the ground is also covered in a non-slip tread.

 Overall, these shoes are a great choice for beginners and experienced jumpers alike. With its cool colors and numerous features, it's sure to be a blast.


Kangoo Jumps XR3 Black & Orange Features

  • 200-pound capacity
  • Available in men's and women's sizes
  • IPS T-spring
  • Twin Turbo Spring attachment system
  • 2-way locking system
  • High-quality composite plastic

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best jumping shoes for sale

Another offering from Kangoo Jumps is this orange and black model from the XR3 line. Made for both men and women, the unisex model is available in a variety of sizes to suit any jumper. 

Both shoes are made entirely from durable plastic. "Space age" composite plastic provides incredibly durability and toughness on the blades. There's no worry about snapping or wear.

This model also uses the IPS spring system. Springs are comprised of 3 separate bands that joint at the ends. The ends are placed between the spring arc shells and held in place with the Twin Turbo system for better rebound and balance.

Like the previous option, this model has a multi-fit liner and 2-way locking mechanism for safety.


Kangoo Jumps XR3 Black Features:

  • 200-pound capacity
  • Available in men's and women's sizes
  • Durable composite plastic
  • Improved design and construction
  • IPS T-spring
  • Texturized tread

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Best  Kangoo JUMP SHOES

KJ-XR3 is a unisex model from Kangoo Jumps. This particular option features an all-black upper boot made from hard and durable plastic. The spring arcs are also black to create a uniform and clean look. However, pops of orange are located throughout to create an interesting aesthetic.

The support plates, which are designed to improve comfort while improving stability and rebound, are bright orange. The improved IPS spring is also colored orange for a nice contrast that complements the futuristic boot.

Most Kangoo Jumps reviews are filled with praise for the materials used. The company is known to incorporate tough materials that will last. Everything from the spring arcs to the boot itself is made from reliable plastic. It protects the jumper from injuries while also creating the beloved rebound.

The overall design is improved upon from the last generation to create a pair of jumping shoes with better rebound and a much longer life.


G-Max Jumping Shoes Features:

  • Shock absorbing spring and ball
  • Adjustable resistance based on weight
  • Reflector for night use
  • Use with running shoe
  • Unisex design

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These jumping shoes from G-Max are easy to use and provide excellent shock absorption on a run. In fact, it uses a unique technology that sets it apart from other brands. The spring system utilizes a small ball in the center.

This ball is positioned in between the two spring blades and absorbs the shock as the blades flatten. Resistance can be adjusted by simply turning a screw with a coin on the side of the shoe. This allows jumpers to achieve optimal results for their body.

The blades and outer boot shell are all made from durable plastic for longevity. Unlike other options, this pair of jumping shoes works with regular running shoes.

The outer shell can be adjusted with three straps to accommodate virtually any running shoe. In the end, users will feel more comfort and control than ever before.


Kangoo Jumping Shoes White / Pink Features

  • 200-pound capacity
  • Multi-fit inner boot with neoprene toe
  • Adjustable outer shell
  • Secure 2-way locking mechanism
  • Improved T-spring
  • Durable plastic construction

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This pair of Kangaroo jumping shoes is perfect for young women and teens. It features a predominantly white design with accents of bright pink. These shoes use special arc spring blades made from "space age" composite plastic to provide rebound.

They work in tandem with the newly-revamped spring system. These springs, which are fully replaceable, are stretched by the spring blades that surround it. This action results in a superb rebound.

The boot is made from strong polyurethane plastic. This ensures that the outer boot shell won't crack or bend, even if exposed to the elements. The boot uses multiple straps with a 2-way locking mechanism to get the perfect fit.

Numerous safety features are in place to ensure that the straps stay locked during a session. The inner boot is made for easy washing and an adaptable fit. The toe is comprised of expandable neoprene, allowing it to comfortably accommodate many different sizes.


KangooJumps Kids Rebound Shoes Features

  • 120-pound weight capacity
  • Unisex design
  • Adaptable liner that accommodates 3 sizes
  • Versatile tension spring
  • Customizable with coil spring
  • Durable construction

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Designed specifically for kids, the Power shoe from Kangoo Jumps is the perfect way to get kids up off the couch. It has all of the great features of adult model packed into a smaller package. It comes with similar tension springs that can be adjusted as they grow.

However, these shoes can also accommodate coil springs for a different experience. The spring arc blades are just as tough and stable as the adult counterpart for safety.

The outer boot shell utilizes two straps to get a personalized fit. It also has the unique 2-way locking mechanism to keep kids in the shoe. The inner liner is made from a breathable mesh. It keeps the feet cool and moisture-free throughout the jumping session. It's also machine washable and designed to fit 3 different sizes. This allows the child to continue using the shoes even as they grow older.


G-Max Junior Jumping Shoes for Kids Features

  • 110-pound capacity
  • Uses standard running shoe
  • Adjustable resistance band
  • Adjustable outer boot shell
  • Reflector for safety

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This kid's jumping shoe from G-Max will have them hopping in no time. It's similar in design to the adult model from the same company. However, it does feature subtle differences to make it unique for children. 

For example, this model doesn't feature the shock-absorbing ball. Instead, it has a single resistance band to provide rebound. It can be adjusted with a twist of a screw to achieve the best performance.

These shoes are meant to be worn with standard running shoes. This is perfect for kids that are constantly growing. The outer shell is carefully designed to hold a variety of different shoe sizes. It can be adjusted in a couple of different positions to get the perfect fit. Ample cushioning and two adjustable straps make it easy to slip the jumping shoes on quickly and snugly.


To the untrained eye, jump shoes are merely a device for fun. While they are incredibly fun to use, they have many additional benefits. These devices are versatile in nature. 

They provide a unique workout that helps the body in many ways. In fact, it's not uncommon to see jumpers having fun for medical reasons.

Surprisingly enough, a simple jumping session works out various muscles in the back and legs. Those who suffer chronic pain in these areas can relieve some of that discomfort and ache by stimulating the muscles. 

Because it's an easier alternative to more rigorous workouts, Kangaroo jumping shoes are the way to go. These shoes can also be worn while performing a normal workout routine to make it more challenging and fun.

Another common use of jumping shoes is for training. Athletes can utilize the tool to strengthen particular areas. While it may not seem like it, jumping on these shoes provides a pretty intense and focused workout. By training on jumping shoes, athletes will see strides in their performance without them.

At the end of the day, using jump shoes is fun. It's a great way to promote exercise and activity. This is especially true with kids that spend most of their day inside with electronics. The best jump shoes allow them to get fit and see the world outside. 

The activity reduces the impact on the feet dramatically compared to running and burns more calories in the process, so why not give it a try?


Chances are, the first go around with a pair of jumping shoes isn't going to be the smoothest experience. They are completely different from normal shoes in every way possible. Upon standing, it's a difference that is noticeable straight away. 

The best jump shoes throw off your center of gravity and require you to find your own balance. Everything from the legs to the core muscles are used to stay standing.

It's important to take things slow at first. Instead of going for it right off the bat, take some time to get a feel for them. It's a good idea to figure out how your body weight affects the center of gravity with each step.

Many Kangoo Jumps reviews talk about the unique sensation when walking. This is because of the slight bounce the shoes provide. Even slow walking will create this bounce. It's recommended to take a slow stroll around and gain confidence with balance and stability before moving on to runs and intense jumps.


Unique devices like jump shoes have a bad wrap for being unsafe. Unfortunately, models from the past and similar devices have caused injury to users. This is often due to faulty design, malfunctions, and poor understanding of the device itself. Luckily, modern jump shoes are different.

This new generation of designs has undergone strict testing to ensure safe usage. Unlike past designs, modern shoes are made with safety in mind. Rather than eliminating the center of gravity completely, it's narrowed down to one area. Weight is distributed differently than the jumper is used to, resulting in a strange sensation. 

However, this distribution works with their natural balance. Instead of throwing jumpers off completely, it's relatively easy to find the center of gravity. Jumpers are less likely to fall and more likely to succeed and have fun. It's no more difficult than riding a bike for the first time.

It should be noted that jumpers should wear appropriate safety equipment with every session like they would while skating or riding a bike. I recommend wearing a helmet and protective pads to be on the safe side. They should also be used on dry and stable surfaces only, such as a sidewalk, to avoid injury.


With the numerous options available, it's not hard to find a pair of quality jumping shoes for the entire family. By getting the best jump shoes available, adults and children alike can defy gravity and bounce their way to better health. They're a worthy investment that will surely get years of use.