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There's nothing more enjoyable to a kid than jumping into an inflatable bouncy house. Regardless of their age, they'll fill with excitement and awe as they watch the house inflate. A variety of designs and models are available. 

Families can choose to go with obstacle course bounce houses that challenge a child's mind and body or simple moon walks that lets kids jump to their heart's contents. Either way, a bounce house is fun, colorful, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

For parents, obstacle course bounce houses are more than just fun. These inflatable wonders are great for promoting exercise and safe play. An obstacle course bounce house has a variety of elements that will require kids to jump, climb, and crouch to get through. 

They are inflated with a giant blower system that continually recirculates the air inside, so the entire unit has a soft and safe cushion for jumping. Here are some of the best bounce houses and obstacle courses money can buy. They're easy to set up, safe to play in, and durable enough for years of use.


Bounceland Inflatable Obstacle Pro-Racer Bounce Houce Features:

  • Measures 19x9x7 feet
  • 400-pound capacity
  • Puncture-proof material
  • Durable stitching
  • Multiple obstacles
  • Included blower, stakes, carrying bag

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best bounce house to buy

This obstacle course bounce house is massive in size and has all the elements for a fun time. When fully inflated, the house measures 19 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 7 feet high. It can handle up to four children at one time that weight up to 100 pounds each. 

A thick puncture-proof material is used for ultimate durability. Double and quadruple stitching is used throughout the construction to prevent ripping and wear. The entire house is inflated with an included pump in just under a minute.

Stylistically, this house is bright and full of life. On one end, it has tunnels that kids need to climb through. Then, they must climb over a half-wall to get into the main play area, which is littered with fluffy pillars. 

Once they navigate the pillars, kids can climb another wall to reach the exit slide. Four large pillars on each corner and a containment net keep the entire unit stable and safe for the kids. To keep it secure, long stakes are included in the package as well.


Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House Features:

  • Measure 12x10x8 feet
  • 400-pound capacity
  • PVC coated and laminated terylene
  • Included hoop and plastic balls
  • Included blower, stakes, and carrying bag
  • Durable stitching

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best jumping houses

Also from Bounceland is this ultimate playhouse. It features a number of fun activities and obstacles that will keep kids entertained for hours at a time. Fully inflated, it measures 12 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8 feet high. The package includes a powerful blower plus a few fun accessories.

The most noticeable component of this obstacle course bounce house is the prominent curved slide. To get to it, children must enter the main play area and ball pit through the velcro opening. A net contains the balls while keeping jumpers safe. Kids can then go through the obstacle wall, up the tower, and down the curving slide. A hoop is included to add extra fun while a hidden tunnel creates a secret entrance on the side.

It's made entirely from PVC coated and laminated terylene for strength. This material is resistant to rips. It also uses up to 4 stitches on each seam for increased durability. It has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds total.


Blast Zone Bog Ol Bouncer Inflatable Moon Walk Features:

  • Measures 12x15x7 feet
  • 600-pound capacity
  • Enclosure net
  • Reinforced polyester oxford and vinyl
  • Included blower and carrying case

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best inflatable moon walks

        This option from Blast Zone is one of the best moon walks available. It's very large in size and can accommodate a large group of kids at one time. In fact, it has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. It measures 12 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 7 feet high for an impressively large jumping surface that provides kids with ample room. 

        All of the surfaces are made with high-grade materials. Reinforced polyester oxford is used for the bulk of the construction. However, commercial-grade vinyl is used on the impact surfaces.

        The Big Ol Bouncer has four inflatable support pillars at every corner. These are connected with arching tubes. Inside this stable framework is the enclosure net. Kids are completely confined in the moon walk for security. 

        The only way in or out is through a velcro opening in the front. An inflatable ramp and rail allow even the smallest child to access the entrance with ease. With an attractive green and blue color scheme, it's the perfect option for any child wanting to get their bounce on.


        Cloud 9 Mini Crayon Bounce House Features:

        • Measures 12x9x9.5 feet
        • Fire and puncture-resistant nylon
        • Enclosure net
        • Durable stitching
        • Included blower, stakes, storage bag, repair kit

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        best jump house to buy

        This inflatable moon walk has an eye-popping design that will make kids feel like a ruler of the castle. Measuring 12 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 9.5 feet tall, it has room for a few kids to bounce around comfortably. It has a rated weight capacity of 300 pounds. The entire unit is made from a fire and puncture-proof nylon. The durable construction will provide years of safe and secure fun.

        Each corner is flanked by a larger-than-life crayon pillar. These corners provide some much-needed support and carry horizontal tubes along the perimeter of the house. This creates a protective enclosure system that will prevent kids from bouncing out into harm's way. A small entryway is located on the front of the house next to the ramp slide.

        This house is brought to life with a powerful UL-listed blower. It has a grounded power cord and a safety switch cover to prevent kids from tampering with it. Parents that want to separate the blower from the main house can do so with the long fill tube.



        "Regardless of which model parents choose, they're sure to please their child. Bounce houses are a great investment that will bring joy to years of parties and events. With a great bounce house, kids will get active, have fun, and stay safe."


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