Those in the market for a good backyard trampoline that doesn't break the bank should consider Bounce Pro. Their 14-foot model is an excellent choice for families due to its numerous safety features and quality construction. While most trampolines require a significant investment, Bounce Pro is quite affordable. 

Despite its competitive pricing, Bounce Pro trampolines are made with durability and safety in mind. This Bouncepro 14 Trampoline Review goes over the unit's advantages and disadvantages to help families decide if the trampoline is right for their needs.

bouncepro 14 trampoline review

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Bouncepro Trampoline 14 Pros

One of the most noticeable pros of the 14-foot trampoline is its price. It's very affordable compared to other options on the market, making it a great entry-level trampoline. Even with the lower price tag, the trampoline comes with extra features, such as the Steel Flex safety enclosure. The enclosure attaches directly to the frame and encompasses jumpers entirely. The rods of the enclosure system are padded for additional protection.

Another great advantage is the trampoline's durable build. The trampoline utilizes great materials and extra reinforcement to accommodate even the most rambunctious jumper. The materials used are also treated for protection from the elements. The unit is also very easy to assemble in only a matter of hours, allowing families to enjoy in no time.

Bounce Pro 14 Trampoline Cons

While the Bounce Pro 14 trampoline does use great materials throughout, they can sometimes pale in comparison to more expensive models. The trade-off for a lower price tag is that the trampoline won't last quite as long as high-end models. While it will still provide many years of enjoyment, it won't last for decades.

The trampoline also has a lower weight capacity than other similarly-sized models. While this isn't always an issue for families, it may limit who can jump on the trampoline. It's perfect for multiple children to use. However, the lower weight limit can make it problematic for adults to use.

Bounce Pro Trampoline 14 Specifications

Bouncepro 14 Trampoline Review: This 14-foot trampoline from Bounce Pro has a durable frame made from galvanized steel that is resistant to rusting and damage. It utilizes U-shaped legs for added stability while jumping. The legs have extra reinforcement with the double steel plating on various joints.

The included enclosure system also uses steel rods. These rods are padded and flex with every jump to effectively catch falling jumpers. The net itself is made from UV-resistant polyurethane. It's supported by a large cable ring made from steel on the top.

For protection from the sun, the jumping mat is treated to be UV-resistant. It has a printed ring in the center to promote safe and effective jumping in the center. It's surrounded by protective perimeter padding that keeps jumpers safe from falls and finger injuries often associated with the springs. 

For even more fun, the trampoline comes with a unique game. The Electron Shooter game device attaches to the enclosure and gives jumpers a new way to play.

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Bouncepro 14 Trampoline Features

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Double steel plate reinforcement
  • UV-resistant jumping mat
  • Steel springs
  • Perimeter padding
  • 220-pound capacity
  • 14-foot diameter
  • Steel Flex safety enclosure
  • Included Electron Shooting game

Who Should Buy the 14' Bounce Pro Trampoline?

This particular model is great for families that are first getting into the world of trampolines. It's an entry-level option that doesn't hurt the wallet. It allows families to have fun and test the waters before making a bigger investment. While it won't last as long as pricier models, it'll still provide years of fun.

It's also a great trampoline for kids. When it comes to rebound, the trampoline performs fairly. Jumpers won't experience a crazy amount of air. Adults may not experience as much of a thrill jumping due to the average rebound. However, kids will love it. Not only that but parents can rest assured that the kids are having fun safely without getting out of control. The included safety enclosure offers even more peace of mind.

What Do Customers Say about the Bouncepro 14ft Trampoline?

Buyers are generally pleased with the trampoline. Many note the ease of setup. The included instructions make quick work out of the assembly process. It even comes with a spring tool that helps stretch and load the springs onto the frame safely. In fact, many customers were able to put the entire unit together in only 2 to 3 hours. 

Many customers also praise the light, yet durable build. It's simple enough to move around, but the extra reinforcement on the frame increases the overall sturdiness. However, some buyers have also stated that they needed extra anchors to ensure that the trampoline doesn't flip in harsh winds.

Many buyers leave a positive Bouncepro 14 Trampoline review, and with good reason. The trampoline provides great quality and features at a much lower price. The abundance of safety features makes it great for kids and parents alike.