While normal trampolines are fine for casual jumping, enthusiasts will want to get a bouncy trampoline to get big air. Whether jumpers are training or performing cool tricks, these unique trampolines are specifically designed for increased bounciness. Here are some of the bounciest backyard trampoline options to reach new heights.


This rectangular trampoline from JumpSport contains some unique technology to improve performance and safety. The StageBounce affects the reaction time of the springs during the force of impact. When jumpers make contact with the mat, only half of the springs engage and react. The remaining springs have a delayed reaction and will engage a split second later. This provides that extra push to achieve more air while making the jumping surface much safer.


  • Measures 10 feet by 17 feet
  • Combined weight capacity of 800 pounds
  • Utilizes StageBounce technology to create a safe and bouncy surface
  • Frame is made from 12-gauge steel
  • Includes safety enclosure and entrance ladder

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bounciest trampoline in the world

To help support the weight of jumpers, the frame is made from thick cold-rolled steel. It's powder-coated to resist weather damage. The trampoline comes with a high enclosure net that's padded for extra protection. The net has two extra backups to ensure that jumpers are contained and kept safe while they have fun.


To achieve a better bounce, this option from Skywalker uses a total of 84 steel springs. 80 of the springs measure 7 inches long while the four corner springs measure 5.5 inches long. The springs work together to provide a superior bounce. The springs used are longer than those on a standard round trampoline. This results in more extension upon impact that creates more energy to snap jumpers into the air.


  • Measures 8 feet by 14 feet
  • 200-pound weight capacity
  • 84 long steel springs
  • Included safety enclosure
  • Galvanized steel frame with T-socket reinforcement

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skaywalker trampoline rectangular

To ensure that jumpers have years of fun, the trampoline is built to last. The frame is made from thick galvanized steel and attaches together with steel sockets that prevent warping. It also comes with a gap-free enclosure system that will catch jumpers if they fall. Various components like the large jumping mat and protective spring padded are also treated for UV protection.


Perfect for trained gymnasts and casual jumpers alike, this rectangle option from skywalker is one of the bounciest backyard trampoline choices available. It uses careful design and 76 springs to provide high and even bounce throughout the jumping surface. Thanks to the arrangement of the springs, jumpers can expect full rebound anywhere on the mat. Skywalker went with long 7.64-inch springs. Despite their tight coil, the springs have a long extension length that builds up energy for an explosive bounce. 16 of the springs are a bit thicker to ensure that jumpers are adequately supported.


  • Measures 9 feet by 15 feet
  • 250-pound capacity
  • 76 long springs for extra bounce
  • Durable galvanized steel frame
  • Included safety enclosure and padding

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skywalker rectangle trampoline

The trampoline is perfect for any jumper wanting to get considerable air. Those concerned about safety can rest assured that the trampoline has many built-in features to keep jumpers safe. A no-gap enclosure net, thick padding throughout, and a robust frame make the trampoline fit for jumpers of any skill level. It also meets ASTM safety standards for peace of mind.


Built with bounciness and safety in mind, jumpers can expect to reach great heights with this ACON trampoline. A number of different factors contribute to its bouncy nature. Not only is it rectangular in shape, but it utilizes some of the longest springs on the market. They measure an incredible 10 inches in length. Furthermore, they have a moderate preload that allows it to extend pretty far before rebounding.

The trampoline uses a total of 138 springs around the jumping mat perimeter, ensuring that all jumpers will experience some serious bounce. The frame of the unit is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel pipes. The jumping surface is 40 inches off the ground for added safety. An enclosure net is also included. It's padded for safety and has a support ring on top to retain its shape.


  • Measures 9 feet by 16 feet
  • Utilizes 138 springs that measure 10 inches in length
  • Includes padding and safety enclosure with support ring
  • Galvanized steel pipe frame
  • 6X cross-sewed jumping mat



This mini trampoline lets you experience significant bounce as you work out. The unique design provides jumpers and exercise enthusiasts with great rebound, allowing them to burn more calories and get fit. Instead of springs, the mini trampoline uses 30 elastic cords. The cords are very durable and tested to last for millions of bounces. They're arranged in a manner that promotes more bounce while reducing impact on the joints.


  • Measures 35.5 inches wide
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • 30 EnduroLast Cords
  • Durable metal frame with rubber feet
  • 5.5-inch petal skirt to protect cords

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bounciest mini trampoline to buy

The frame is made from durable metal that's coated for protection. The legs are strong and fully capable of supporting a jumper that weighs up to 250. A rubber tip is utilized to prevent damage to floors. With a 35.5-inch diameter jumping surface, there's more than enough room to perform unique exercises and bounce to burn calories.


When it comes to finding a trampoline, the bounce it provides is important. Whether it's for athletic or recreational use, the amount of rebound a model has can make a world of difference in performance. 

Trampolines provide varying degrees of bounce based on their design and materials. While backyard trampolines are generally more affordable and versatile, they don't offer the best bounce. 

If you want the most bouncy trampoline on the market, go big with an Olympic trampoline.


Olympic trampolines, also referred to as professional trampolines, are uniquely designed with the poise and athleticism of gymnastics in mind. In terms of construction, manufacturers veer away from tradition. They're made to outlast backyard family alternatives and provide superb rebound.

Because they are made for seasoned athletes, every component is taken up a notch. The first thing you'll notice about an Olympic trampoline is its sheer size. Standard options start at around 14 feet by 7 feet. However, they can be made much larger (check out the world's largest trampoline). This gives jumpers more surface area and movement.

The power they provide also calls for increased safety and stability. Frames are often made to withstand years of continued use so that athletes can train year-round. Thicker metals increase durability immensely. Perimeter padding is thicker as well due to the superior height and bounce achieved.


An Olympic model is the most bouncy trampoline available for a variety of reasons. Consideration goes into the design of every unit to ensure that jumpers can get the best bounce possible. Various components work together to achieve the best results.


The way the springs react to the force of impact differs from a round trampoline. Instead of all reacting evenly to control the bounce, springs act at different times. 

Usually, springs located across from each other act in tandem. These parallel springs will provide the most rebound while those located perpendicularly add support. 

With the springs acting differently throughout, jumpers will experience a significantly higher elevation. They'll also be able to jump freely from any location instead of having to stay in the center.


Even the jumping mat is different. In most standard family trampolines, a thick plastic is used to ensure longevity. While this is great in terms of durability and resilience, it doesn't provide the best bounce. 

Olympic trampolines use a thin permatron polypropylene material. Despite its thinness, the material is resistant to damage. Heavy duty stitching ensures that the mat stays together.

They are also more porous, resulting in a semi-transparent look. This porous design increases flexibility while also improving the mat's reaction to a jump. With every impact, the pores open and close to improve rebound.


If you're not ready to shell out the cash for an Olympic trampoline, don't fret. There are plenty of bouncy options out there. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the components that contribute to bounce. By knowing what to look for, finding the bounciest trampoline is a breeze.


As a rule, rectangular trampolines provide a better bouncing experience than their round counterparts because of spring reaction. 

Round trampolines has a controlled bounce that repels jumpers to the center. All of the springs react the same way. 

Rectangular models provide more flexibility in jumping and allow bouncers to reach better heights.

Spring Quality

Take a look at the quality of the springs before buying. Thin and short springs won't do a great job at rebounding. 

Longer springs have more flexibility and motion. This allows them to store and disperse potential energy more effectively. 

Thicker metal also ensures that the springs don't lose shape over time.

Arrangement of Springs

While most models have one spring attached to one point on the mat, some provide a bit of variation. 

Criss-crossing springs make them elongated and improve support of the mat. Springs in a "V" configuration also improve support and allow a set of springs to work together to provide rebound. 

These configurations both achieve better bounce

Jumping Mat Material

Thinner and more porous materials are better for bouncing. 

Thick mats aren't as flexible, thus diminishing bounce potential. 

Thin mats with durable stitching will still support a lot of weight while improving bounce.

Most Bouncy Trampoline Conclusion

"All in all, the materials and design of a trampoline play a big role in bounce. You can look into the various components of any given trampoline to determine if it will provide superior rebound. That being said, if you're looking for the most bouncy trampoline out there, there's nothing that will beat the experience of jumping on an Olympic trampoline."