The Cellerciser from David Hall is a unique alternative to traditional workout gear. While it may appear similar to normal rebounders, the mini trampoline is completely redesigned with fitness and health in mind. The system has been developed over the last couple of decades to be more efficient for jumpers of all ages and fitness levels. 

Furthermore, David Hall has designed a workout routine that burns fat and improves the body as a whole. The David Hall Cellerciser routine is easy to complete and can transform the body with short workouts that last only 10 minutes. While it may sound too good to be true, the system's effectiveness is all in the design.


This David Hall Cellerciser kit contains everything needed to get started on a health and fitness journey. The rebounder contains the Tri-Flex springs, durable Permatron mat, and a solid frame built entirely from steel. The springs are in a "V" configuration for the most effective rebound and utilize a thick cover to keep toes safe. There's even an adjustable stabilization bar that can be used for many exercises.

Features of the David Hall Cellerciser

  • Measures 40 inches in diameter
  • Legs are 8.5 inches tall
  • Includes 36 Tri-Flex springs plus two extras
  • Foldable design with included bag
  • Adjustable stability bar
  • Electroplated steel frame
  • Unique permatron jumping mat
  • 300-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Includes two workout DVDs

Those planning on taking the rebounder on the go can simply fold the unit in half. It features strong steel hinges that are easy to operate. The legs are held into place with durable piano wire. With a small pull, the legs release from the posts and fold down. At half the size, users can fit the unit into the included carrying bag for easy transport.

The kit also two DVDs filled with exercises to get fit. Developed by David Hall, these exercises can be done in a matter of minutes. The DVDs will go through the exercises with users in real time. The kit includes the "Don't Excercise; Cellercise" and " Cellercise Ultimate Exercise" DVDs.

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The Cellerciser isn't like a normal rebounder. It's comprised of a durable frame made completely out of steel, a specially-designed Permatron jumping mat, and unique Tri-Flex springs. These features work to make the Cellerciser efficient for any user. A smaller individual will receive the same benefits as someone who is larger.

Not only that but the Cellerciser makes it possible to perform a zero-impact workout. On traditional rebounders, plastic or canvas mats can stretch out with the force of impact. This can make the ankle buckle, leading to a loss in stability and pain over time. The Cellerciser doesn't stretch out. The mat and springs move with the body and gravity to keep users stable and safe.

The Cellerciser is aptly named for what the unit does to the body. Instead of targeting individual muscles or muscle groups, it affects every cell in the body. The unique trampoline and workout routine increase the pull of gravity on the body rather than working against it. As a result, the cells must work overtime to compensate for that increased pressure. Users will work out their entire body and notice results that go far beyond fitness and muscle development.

Tri-Flex Springs

The Tri-Flex springs are what sets the Cellerciser apart from other rebounders. Instead of the standard tube shape, these springs are separated into three distinct sections. The springs self-adjust to the user's weight. It doesn't matter if the user is 100 pounds or 300 pounds, they'll have the same experience. The springs stretch from the middle and provide a true rebound.

Other springs can be jarring, causing nerve and joint issues. This is because tube springs tend to put weight on one end. This results in an abrupt rebound instead of a lift. The Tri-Flex springs adapt to the force of impact to create a lift. Made from high-quality steel, the springs won't need replacing. They're also designed to not cause damage on the frame.

Permatron Mat

The Permatron mat is specially designed for strength and support. It doesn't stretch out like traditional material, ensuring that it supports the feet with every jump. It's made using a patented process that puts the mat under 200 tons of pressure, a high-temperature oil bath, and much more. Each fiber is preshrunk and woven tightly to ensure optimal strength. It's also very resistant to the elements, making it possible to use the Cellerciser virtually anywhere.


There are a number of benefits to using David Hall's Cellerciser and performing his workout routine. It can be used by virtually anyone, from those wanting an enjoyable workout to seniors and even children. The system provides a complete body workout from within and provides numerous health benefits. Here are just a few.

Lose Weight and Build Strength

The included workout routines are aerobic in nature. They increase the heart rate and are more effective than jogging or running. The system can burn more fat in less time, all without causing joint issues. The entire body will see benefits as users burn fat and lose weight. It doesn't target a specific area, making it possible to get toned overall. As a user makes contact with the jumping surface, every muscle flexes. This can help to build strength evenly throughout the body. The Cellerciser can even help to get rid of stubborn cellulite and increase metabolism overall.

Better Circulation

With just a few minutes on the Cellerciser, jumpers can improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body. This can help to make anyone feel better overall. As blood and oxygen travel, it improves the functionality of various organs. Users will be able to breath better, increase cell production, feel less stressed, and so much more. The system can also help to improve the lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing out harmful toxins. The increased circulation will even help to improve the immune system as T-cells become more active and efficient.


David Hall is the creator of the Cellerciser and workout system. He's also a public speaker that's spent over 15 years motivating thousands of people to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. The Cellerciser was developed in the early 90s after David discovered the benefits of using a rebounder. He then developed the Cellerciser and continued to evolve the miniature trampoline over time. He also developed the Cellerciser routine, which can be used by people of all ages to improve their overall health and fitness.