Popcorn is a backyard trampoline classic!
It's fairly simple in premise, but should be played very carefully to avoid injury. 

One jumper sits down in the center with their legs crossed and knees close.
They should make their body as small and compact as possible.
They are the popcorn kernel while the others are the heat. 

The main goal of the other jumpers is to make the center player lose grip and control of their position.
If they lose their form, or "pops," they lose!

Marco Polo

This classic pool game is given an interesting twist on the trampoline.
One player sits in the center with their eyes closed and counts to ten. 

The others must then spread apart as quietly as possible. After the player has finished counting,
they must find the other players with their eyes shut. They'll say, "Marco," to which the other players reply, "Polo."

Using the sound of their voice only, the center player must catch them all to win.
Parents should keep an eye out during this game to make sure that the players remain safe.

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Bounce Battle

Bounce battle is as fun to watch as it is to play.
It requires at least 2 players to play. 

On the same count, each player does a seat drop bounce.
This is where a jumper bounces on their bottom and back up again to their feet. 

This is repeated in tandem until one player loses control by flailing their arms or bouncing to one side.
It's fun to try and out-bounce the opponent and throw them off their game.

Simon Says

The game of Simon Says instantly becomes more
fun and challenging when a trampoline is thrown into the mix. 

One player is outside the trampoline while others remain inside. The familiar game is played as normal, but the player acting as Simon will have much more fun asking the other to do ridiculous tricks and stunts. 

The last player standing is deemed the winner and gets to be the next Simon.

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Dance Party

With a bit of music, the trampoline will turn into a raging dance party.
This game is fun because it challenges jumpers to perform their best dance moves on an unstable surface. 

One player will do a dance move while the others try to imitate it.
The next player will then do a different and more challenging jig. 

This goes back and forth until one player fails to accomplish the move.
Both kids and adults will enjoy this one while they try to outdo their rivals.


If there are a lot of jumpers, this is a great game to play.
The more players there are, the more challenging it becomes. 

Players will line up outside the trampoline along its perimeter in a circle.
One player will get on the jumping surface and perform a simple jump or trick.
They'll then get off so the next person in the circle can perform the previous trick while adding their own. 

Each player will perform the previous sequence of tricks before adding their own into the mix.
If someone forgets the sequence, they're out!


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There are a number of fun games to play on a trampoline that involves accessories. These accessories are made for safe fun. Usually comprised of soft materials, there's no risk of injury should a jumper land on them. In most cases, simple accessories lying around the house can be used to spice up a jumping session.​​​​

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Rope Snake

This simple game is fun for smaller kids.
It requires one person standing outside of the trampoline, preferably an adult

This person will lay a jump rope across the diameter of the jumping surface and move it back and forth wildly.
This creates the illusion of a lively snake wriggling across the surface! 

Kids will use their imagination to avoid the "snake" at all costs. If it touches them, they're out.
This continues until a victor is named.

Hot Potato

With a soft rubber or foam ball, a game of hot potato can be played for a bit of competitive fun.
Players will jump on the trampoline as normal. 

However, they will pass the ball around the trampoline quickly.
They must catch it while jumping and have to pass it within a few seconds. 

If they drop the ball, they're out of the game.
This continues on, getting faster and faster with every pass until only one winner remains.

Yes, this popular gym game is a blast on the trampoline.
One player is placed inside the trampoline while others are outside. 

They will throw the balls at the player jumping. The jumper's main objective is to dodge the balls and avoid getting hit.
If hit, the player that threw that ball goes in while the hit player gets out to throw. 

A point is earned with every successful hit. The game can be played to a set number of points to declare the winner.

Avoid the Ball

This game is very similar to dodge ball. However, all players are inside the trampoline and only one ball is used. 

The ball is placed at the center of the trampoline while the players jump around. The ball will bounce around like crazy! 

The goal of the game is to avoid the ball. If it's touched, the player loses and must exit the trampoline until a single player is victorious.

Beach Ball Toss

An inflatable beach ball is needed for this activity.
It's a calmer game, making it the perfect option for ending a jumping session. 

Players all lay down on the trampoline facing up. They then toss the ball into the air and continue to hit or toss it to keep it in the air. Players can use their hands and feet. 

They may even need to get up and jump to a part of the trampoline to make sure that it doesn't touch down.


Basketball hoops for trampolines are available from many brands of trampolines. They are attached to the safety enclosure with velcro, allowing them to detach instantly. 

Hoops add a whole new dimension to jumping. Jumpers can play a number of different basketball games.
The most popular game is "HORSE." 

One player must perform a trick shot. The other needs to imitate it perfectly. If not, they get a letter.
The first to spell "HORSE" looses!


Those that don't know what to do on a trampoline during a hot summer day are in luck. Jumping surfaces are great for wet and wild fun. The materials used hold up to water very well, so there's no worry about damage. It'll still have some traction, so kids and adults will still be able to jump safely.

Misters and Sprinklers

Adding a sprinkler to the side of the trampoline will make cooling off a breeze. Hoses and sprinklers can adhere to enclosure support poles so that they are out of the way. 

Some trampoline manufacturers even make mister system designed specifically for trampolines.
They just need to be hooked up to a water supply and they're ready to go. Kids can jump around as normal with water splashing in every direction. 

Alternatively, they can make a game out of it, such as jumping competitively to see who slips on the water first.

Water War

What's more fun than a water war with sprayers and bombs?
Foam balls and soakers are great for waging full out water war in the trampoline. 

It's important to use soft water weapons that utilize foam and padding to keep the surface safe.
Pool noodles and foam soakers are ideal. 

Players can split up into teams or gang up on a single player. The choice is theirs.
Either way, kids will find the game to a blast!

Water Balloon Dodge

Parents or friends that want to douse their friends in water finally get their opportunity with this game.
It's very similar to the dodgeball game but uses water balloons instead of balls. 

Players outside the trampoline get to pelt those inside with water balloons until they are hit.
Despite their best attempts, players inside the trampoline are bound to get soaked with the splash. If they're hit directly, they switch with the opponent that hit them.

Simply fill up an arsenal of water balloons prior to playing. Also, jumpers should make sure to clear the trampoline of balloon fragments when they're done.


Who knew chalk could be used on a trampoline jumping surface?
Sidewalk chalk is a cheap and fun material that brings new life to the trampoline. It's safe to use and shows up brilliantly on the staunch black color of the jumping mat. Not only that, but it's a breeze to clean off with a bit of water. Chalk can be used to display some fun art or to play creative games.


Those that own the classic board game can leave the mat inside
and take the game wheel outdoors for a bit of trampoline fun.

All it takes is matching colors of chalk. Players will need to draw various circles of alternating colors throughout the jumping mat surface. A player outside the trampoline will spin the wheel and call out commands that players inside will need to perform. 

The last one standing in their contorted position reigns supreme!


Take this sidewalk game off the hard ground and into the trampoline.
The hopscotch board should be drawn on the jumping mat with chalk. 

Alternatively, players can create their own board to accommodate the shape of their trampoline. Instead of using a rock, players should use a softer accessory, such as a bean bag. 

The game is played the same way as it is on the pavement. However, the added challenge of jumping and tumbling make it even more entertaining.

Four Corners

Four corners is a fun game played by children on schoolyard playgrounds.
In requires the jumping surface to be split up into four sections. 

Despite its name, the game can be played on a round trampoline. Players must number the corners from 1 to 4. Before playing, jumpers can decorate their respective corners to their heart's content. 

Players will then bounce a rubber ball from corner to corner, avoiding the designated lines. With the uneven surface of the trampoline, the game is an exciting challenge.

Trampolines are a surefire way to make any backyard the coolest spot in the neighborhood. Kids and adults alike are instinctively drawn to their bouncy surface. 

There's nothing more enjoyable than spending an afternoon tumbling around a safe jumping surface, regardless of age. While kids are more prone to spending their day inside fiddling with electronics, trampolines are one of the few exceptions to get them excited and out in the fresh air. 

Not only is it fun, but it's a great way to stay fit and healthy. Kids will burn a significant number of calories jumping. Even more so playing games. 

To keep kids jumping, it's a good idea to have a bevy of games at their disposal. Knowing what games to play on a trampoline will keep kids thrilled and ready to bounce all year long.

While jumping alone usually provides more than enough reason to hop on, there are a ton of other fun things jumpers can do. Trampolines are incredibly versatile.

They can be used to play a variety of different games ranging from simple classics to more complex activities that require a bit of imagination. These games will get kids moving and exercising without even knowing it. 

While they are more catered to kids, adults can enjoy them as well. Some are simple and require only a willingness to have fun. Others utilize various accessories that are safe for trampoline use.

"With the fun and versatility a trampoline offers, the gaming possibilities are endless. There are so many games to play on a trampoline that it'll be hard for kids to get bored. They'll spend hours having fun and getting exercise. Even adults can get in the action. With these games in mind, families will enjoy their backyard trampoline for years to come"