So, exactly how much does a trampoline cost? Families looking to buy a new backyard trampoline are often met with sticker shock. Trampolines are a significant investment, however, the average price varies based on the quality of the unit. While some are on the upper end of the price spectrum, it's not difficult to find an option that suits any budget.

The price of a trampoline depends on a number of factors. Everything from the basic shape of the unit down to the accessories can have an affect on how much it's worth. Those looking for a trampoline should have an understanding of how different factors affect the price.



There are a number of different trampoline types available on the market. Round trampolines are the most basic and familiar design found in backyards. Often regarded as recreational trampolines, they have all of the basic design elements with little deviation from tradition. These models are generally more affordable because numerous brands make them, keeping competition high and prices low.

Rectangular and square trampolines can also be used for recreational purposes, though they tend to cost more. This is because they require stronger parts. Many are designed with gymnasts in mind, so durability and performance are a priority.

If serious performance is the goal, Olympic trampolines are available. These are much larger than the typical round option. They are rectangular and can be made in incredibly large sizes. Weight limits are also increased, as these trampolines are often made for adult gymnasts and athletes.

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When it comes to size, buyers can expect to pay more for increased square footage. The average size of a backyard trampoline is around 10 feet, though many brands offer much larger sizes. 10-foot models start around the $250 price range.

As the size of the trampoline increases, so does the price. Typically, sizes go up in increments of 2 feet, which raises the price by about $100.

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Many brands offer packaged deals that come with a host of accessories to make the most out of the trampoline. These attachments, while not always necessary, can do wonders to improve safety and enjoyment. Enclosure nets are a commonly bundled item. They attach directly to the frame and help avoid injury. Because they are made from strong metal, they will increase a trampoline's price tag significantly. Other accessories include entry ladders, games, covers, and much more.


How much does a trampoline cost in relation to the safety it offers? Many manufacturers include a variety of safety features. In most cases, safety is crucial, so it's important to consider these features when figuring out a trampoline's cost. The quality of the enclosure net is something to pay attention to. Substandard nets and support poles are much cheaper than gapless nets that are protected from weather and physical damage.

Padding is also important. While perimeter padding to cover the springs is pretty standard, the quality of the pads can have an affect on value. Thicker pads and additional pole covers usually cost more due to added material. Additional treatments to add longevity to the pad will further increase the price.

Those wanting to get the safest trampoline available can expect to pay significantly more than a "bottom of the barrel" model. Springless trampolines eliminate all of the common hazards of traditional units, making them incredibly safe for children and adults alike. Although, they are on the higher end of the price spectrum. In terms of safety, a higher price tag results in a safer trampoline.

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In most cases, trampolines need to be delivered to the home. This is due to the large packaging and hefty weight of the framework. The price of delivery should be considered, as it can be costly depending on where the buyer lives. Delivery prices tend to be higher in more rural areas compared to metropolitan neighborhoods.

Setting the trampoline up may also require hired help. Assembly often requires more than one pair of hands, as components are quite heavy. Not only that, but the process may be a bit too arduous for many buyers. In that case, it may be easier to hire someone for to assemble the unit, which will add to the overall cost of the trampoline.


To sum up, the price of a trampoline depends entirely on what a buyer is looking for. Price is directly impacted by the size, style, and various features of a trampoline. Families can expect to pay as low as a couple hundred bucks for a standard round model up to a couple thousand for a high-end springless option. Those looking for a trampoline should consider what they're looking for in terms of use and safety to get a better understanding of their price range.