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Despite their pop culture prominence in the decade of big hair and bright colors, leotards have been used throughout history since their invention in the 1800s by a French trapeze artist. 

Predominantly used for exercise and gymnastics, leotards come in a large variety of motifs and styles usually dictated by their use. Even then, the basic design and shape of a leotard have remained unchanged. Leotards are a staple among athletes and performers alike because of their comfort and versatility.

These articles of clothing are usually made in one piece to cover the upper portion of the body down to the thighs. Depending on the intended use, leotards for gymnastics can be sleeveless or provide full coverage.

They are often worn with supplementary pieces, such as tights or tutus for further cover. Either way, their main goal is to provide a uniform appearance while allowing the wearer to have a full range of motion.

Unlike standard clothes, leotards for gymnastics free the body and don't get in the way. Elastic material stretches with every motion and the tight fit ensures a natural profile. When it comes to leotards for gymnastics, the style and design possibilities are endless.

Leotards for Toddlers

Leotards designed for toddlers are generally more relaxed in design and construction than those made for adults. While they are still made from stretchable fabrics, the materials used are generally softer, such as cotton. 

They are also often constructed to be a bit looser than standard leotards to avoid tight constriction. Because toddlers aren't performing intense gymnastics, there isn't a need for skin tight options. In terms of style, toddler leotards are more modest and frilly. Bright colors, ruffles, and built-in tutus are common.

Leotards for Girls

Older girls that are deeper into the world of gymnastics need complete freedom when performing stunts. This calls for elastic materials, such as spandex. The material is incredibly resilient and generally comfortable to wear. 

Gymnastics leotards for girls range from simple solid colors to more elaborate showpieces. For performances, features like glitter and rhinestones are available. Additionally, various cuts of the neck are used to create visual interest and comfort. 

Everything from halter cuts to asymmetrical single shoulder straps are available to suit any girl's style. Of course, ornate leotards are made to perform just as well as any other option.

Adult Leotards 

When finding where to buy leotards for gymnastics, gymnasts are always met with a wide selection of options for adults. Adult leotards offer the most versatility in style. When it comes to neck and back cuts, many brands offer stunning options made for both training and competition. 

Tank, camisole, long-sleeve, and mock neck cuts can easily be paired with complex back patterns. Many designers use the back of the leotard to add visual interest through intricate fabrics or flashy accessories. 

Leotards for women offer the most variety, allowing gymnasts to find complex designs that fit well and draw attention during a performance.

Long Sleeve Leotards 

While most gymnasts mainly use sleeveless leotards, long-sleeve options are available. These leotards have long sleeves made of the same elastic fabric. They too are tight-fitting, ensuring that the addition of sleeves doesn't inhibit movement. 

Perfect for the colder months, these leotards will keep gymnasts toasty without getting in the way. Some designs include finger loops that attach to the thumb. They keep the sleeve down and taught even in the most rigorous movement. 

Half-sleeve and short-sleeve options are also available, though they aren't as prevalent as full long-sleeve designs.

Thong Leotards 

Thong leotards are a blast from the past, but still very efficient in providing comfort and mobility. These designs were incredibly popular for athletes and fitness buffs of the 80s. Today, they are still used by gymnasts that want more movement in their hips. 

Unlike standard leotards for gymnastics that go down to the thigh, thong leotards extend well above the groin and end at the waste. They cover much less of a gymnast's lower half, so they often call for an additional item of clothing. They're often worn with contrasting tights for a unique look and added comfort.

Leotards for Gymnastics with Shorts

Gymnasts wanting a bit more coverage can opt for leotards with shorts. Many athletic brands offer tight-fitting shorts that are made from the same material as leotards. They can be worn over the leotard for extra cover. However, they don't provide as much mobility as leotards with built-in shorts. 

They remain unchanged in the upper half of the body, but extend beyond the normal leotard design. They often end at the upper thigh. Made for both adult women and young girls alike, they have a more modest appearance without the added bulk of supplementary shorts.

Common Materials

Leotards for gymnastics utilize a variety of different stretchable materials. One of the most commonly used fabrics is lycra. It's incredibly elastic and very comfortable to wear. It's generally used on training leotards, as the fabric doesn't hold embellishments very well. 

Nylon or spandex is also used and can be made to appear shiny or metallic. Many designers utilize various colors to create complex motifs that are great for competitions and performances. 

However, they can be unforgiving and itchy based on the material's treatment. Velvet and velour aren't as common, but is still used by many gymnasts because they are adaptable to many designs. They can easily hold embellishments but tend to make gymnasts hot.


Leotards are a must-have garment for gymnastics. Ultimately, they improve performance by allowing gymnasts to move their bodies any way they want.

In fact, many complex moves and stunts can't be performed without one. Regular clothes only restrict movement, leading to discomfort and possibly injury. Leotards for gymnasts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

It's not difficult for gymnasts to find something that suits their personal style and comfort requirements. With a proper leotard, any gymnast can achieve their full potential.


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