The Little Tikes Trampoline is a great way to provide kids with a fun activity that gets them moving. The bright colors create a fun environment for bouncing while the number of safety features lets parents rest easy. It's a unique outdoor trampoline that can provide years of fun for growing kids.

Little Tikes Trampoline 7 Product Specs:

  • Measures 7 feet across
  • 105-Pound weight capacity
  • Includes safety enclosure
  • Perimeter padding and enclosure support padding can prevent injury
  • Plastic and steel frame
  • Utilizes safety springs
  • Made for outdoor use

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Little Tikes Trampoline review


The biggest advantage of this small outdoor trampoline is the safety features. Little Tikes knows that protection and security are important, so they carefully designed the unit to keep even the rowdiest jumpers safe from injury. An included safety enclosure system keeps kids contained. The Little Tikes Trampoline utilizes 3 arched supports to keep the net tight and safe. These rods are padded to protect kids from bumps and bruises. It connects to the frame, rises high above jumpers, and includes no loose gaps that kids can fall through. For easy access, a durable zipper is used as an entrance.


The Little Tikes Trampoline is designed for outdoor use only. This means that parents can't bring it inside during the off-season. It's quite large and the nature of assembly prevents an easy move indoors. Furthermore, the parts aren't protected from the elements. There's no UV protection on the safety net and jumping mat. While the plastic frame can withstand some wear and tear, numerous other parts may become damaged over time. This will affect the structural integrity of the unit and decrease its overall safety if left outdoors. To prevent damage, parents should move it to a covered location in unfavorable weather conditions.

little tikes trampoline 7 REVIEW
review of little tikes TRAMPOLINE


This kid-sized trampoline is great for both parents and children alike. Kids will love the experience the unit provides. It doesn't utilize elastic bands like other children trampolines. Instead, it incorporates safety springs. They provide an experience that imitates the standard family trampoline. However, it restricts rebound to prevent over-jumping and injury.

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The Little Tikes Trampoline is made for safety. The frame is made from a thick blow-molded plastic. This frame is designed with an attractive bubble style and hides a tough secret. Inside the plastic is high-quality steel. This steel provides the support needed to accommodate jumpers up to 105 pounds. Parents can rest assured that the steel will keep the unit safe and sturdy for years to come.

An effective safety net is used to keep kids contained. The arched supports are also made from steel. However, a thick layer of padding prevents injury should the child bump into them. Heavy padding is also used around the perimeter of the jumping surface to protect young fingers and toes from the springs. The net itself is made from polyethylene and creates a gapless barrier of protection.

Little Tikes 7 Trampoline
little tikes review


The Little Tikes Trampoline is great for families that want a high-quality unit for their kids without having to make a huge investment. It's relatively affordable compared to larger models and is designed with kids in mind. Not only that but the numerous safety features will keep parents at ease. They can watch their kid comfortably knowing that the manufacturers took many precautions to keep kids safe. Because it's made for outdoor use, it's better for families with ample space. If it can be placed in an area that's generally protected from the elements, the trampoline will stay in great shape for many years to come.


This trampoline is noted for being a big hit with kids. The unique and fun look is great for getting kids motivated to jump and play. In terms of assembly, many buyers have praised the Little Tikes Trampoline on its fairly uncomplicated instructions. It does contain a lot of parts, but this helps to ensure solidity and safeness. Many buyers have said that putting the unit together is tedious, but manageable with a few helping hands and a couple hours of time. While the unit doesn't contain a lot of protection from the weather, it's been known to hold up in unfavorable conditions. Happy customers have said that it retains its great quality even after heavy rains and moderate sun exposure.