While often thought to be reserved for the super wealthy, anyone can learn how to make a trampoline swing bed (or a trampoline hammock) without breaking the bank. Doing so will transform any outdoor space and allow homeowners to lounge and sway in the wind.


It doesn't take a lot of extra materials to make an extravagant swinging bed. In fact, most parts can be found lying around the home. The most expensive components will be purely cosmetic, making it easy to stay on a budget. The basic frame of the bed requires:

  • Trampoline frame
  • Jumping mat
  • Springs
  • Braided rope
  • Robust chain

Various additional components are used to add a bit of elegance and personal flair. These materials can be chosen based on an individual's style or to match the outdoor decor. The materials needed to transform the trampoline into a bed include:

  • Foam
  • Sheets
  • Cushions
  • Throw blankets

A wrench or screwdriver is also useful. Additional materials can be used to make the overall appearance more intricate.
However, these basics are all that's needed.

Trampoline day bed

FIRST STEP: Prepare the Frame

Only the upper portion of the trampoline will be used. The legs need to be removed completely. In most cases, legs are attached with a few simple bolts or screws. The wrench or screwdriver will make quick work of removing them. 

If not, the screws may be rusted. In this case, a bit of oil and old-fashioned cleaning must be done to loosen them. Once they're off, simply discard or recycle them.

SECOND STEP: Covering Springs

The great thing about a trampoline converted to swing is that most people don't even know that the beautiful final product spent its previous life as a bouncy trampoline. This is because the main components of the trampoline are cleverly covered and disguised. 

Covering the springs is important for appearance and safety. There's nothing worse than getting pinched by rusty springs during a time of relaxation.

Cloth, rope, and padding can be used to cover the springs. Wrapping a cloth around the springs and outer frame numerous times will create a soft cushion to protect the fingers. Foam will create additional soft space that can be used to lounge. 

Regardless of the method used, covering the springs will instantly transform the unit's look while making it safer to use.

THIRD STEP: Add Cushion to the Mat

Cushion and comfort are crucial to the overall design of the swinging bed. Sure, the jumping mat of a trampoline may be comfortable already, but why not take the design to a new level? 

Covering the jumping mat with plush fabrics and cushions will attract willing loungers. There are a couple different ways to cover it.

The easiest way is to spread a thick fabric across the surface and use a plethora of cushions. It's simple and relatively cheap to accomplish. 

For a more refined look, soft foam padding is ideal. The padding can be cut to shape. It creates a lavish layer of comfort. Simply cover the foam with a sheet for a finished look.

Trampoline Swinging Bed

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Hanging the completed bed will allow it to move and sway with the breeze. Not only that, but it adds much more support. While you can easily use the trampoline legs to create a suspended bed, the jumping mat will sag over time. The added weight of padding and cushioning will only accelerate this.

A rope should be run beneath the jumping mat across the entire diameter of the frame. Various ropes can be used throughout the perimeter to nestle the entire frame snuggly. By having the ropes run beneath the mat, there's no worry about sagging. 

The various ends of the rope should meet at one point and be tied into a strong knot. It will resemble a pyramid. The knot that holds it all together can be attached to a durable chain for easy hanging.

The trampoline converted to swing should be attached to something strong enough to support its weight plus that of any loungers. A reliable tree branch, pergola beam, or frame structure are all great ideas.

FINAL STEP: Make it Personal

The final step is to design and decorate the new swing bed. Everything from throw blankets to string lights can be used to make it a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. 

Learning how to make a trampoline swing bed is easy and cost effective. The final outcome will bring new life into an old trampoline and provide many additional years of backyard enjoyment.

How To Make a Trampoline Bed - Final Words

While trampolines can provide families with years of enjoyment and exercise, there comes a time when the backyard accessory is merely a memory. Kid s grow up and leave the home, abandoning the trampoline.
It eventually becomes a dilapidated eyesore. When this happens, it's time to transform it into something beautiful.
Old trampolines can be salvaged to create stunning and useful outdoor swing beds. Outdoor daybeds are a luxurious addition to any backyard.