Want to spice up your workout routine? Ditch your normal cardio program and hop on a mini trampoline. Don't let their innocent appearance fool you. Intense mini trampoline exercises for weight loss will make you sweat your ass off and get you into gear for ultimate fat burning!

I've found the sweatiest mini trampoline exercises the internet has to offer. From tranquil yoga that'll get you into meditation mode to monster drills designed to make you feel the burn, these videos are here to help you shed fat and get fit.

No matter what your style, you'll feel energized and ready to conquer the world. So get jumping!

Tough Love

If this woman's positive attitude doesn't get you bouncing, nothing will. Lead by the talented, and fit, Rosalie Brown, this workout will keep you on your toes. It involves over 20 minutes of straight jumping coupled with exercises that challenge your upper body strength, core stability, and leg coordination. If it looks easy to you, give it 10 minutes. The constant movement and workout changes without missing a beat will have you dripping in sweat. If you need a bit of positive affirmation, Rosalie's there jumping with you with a constant smile on her face. Don't let her down!

The Tranquil Beginner

This video is a calming starter for beginners. Even if you've never stepped foot on a trampoline in your life, this video has you covered. It starts with an easy and effective warm up that transitions to fat-burning exercises, slowly growing in intensity until you're in the fetal position...literally. The video ends with you in the fetal position as a calming cool down. Everything's taken care of, including stretching and controlled breathing. If tranquility and order are your thing, you'll love this video. It's minimal in visuals, has cool and calming music, and a comforting voice to guide you through.

Dance Off Fun

This one will have you channeling your inner dancer in the first minute. It's an intense mini trampoline exercise for weight loss, so be prepared to sweat and burn through the entire 30-minute routine. There's not a moment of rest. You'll be jumping, kicking, dancing, and waving your arms in the air like you just don't care. This girl has a knack for getting you pumped and moving. She's pretty silent during the video, but it doesn't matter. Her sheer energy alone will get you up and bouncing. That and the kick ass soundtrack! It's not a workout, it's a rave!

Choreography on Springs

Ever want to learn a meticulously choreographed dance routine while bouncing? This video is filled with fun mini trampoline exercises for weight loss cleverly disguised as awesome dance moves. While it's only 10 minutes long, you'll learn a handful of quick moves that workout your entire body. They look like pop choreography on springs. Your guide will shout out these commands until you create a string of moves that will have you sweating. Who knows? Maybe you could even take these moves off the trampoline and to the next dance party.

Hip Hop Bounce

This one is going to make you feel it when you step off the trampoline! 30 minutes of calf-burning and ab-destroying mini trampoline exercises for weight loss. Sure, the fun and bubbly woman guiding you makes it look fun and easy at first, but make no mistake, this video will make you feel like you've run a marathon after only a few minutes. These non-stop moves are backed by a bumping soundtrack that makes you jump low and fast. The hip hop tracks are all fast tempo to make the routine that much more intense.

Healing Nature

This video is more natural feeling and focused on healing and therapy. It's not incredibly intense, but will get your blood flowing for sure. It's more organic in vibe and designed to naturally improve the body's overall health. It involves a constant bouncing motion with invigorating exercises thrown in to challenge the body and burn calories. You'll feel the effects very quickly and experience a spike in energy. If you're in the mood for something relaxed and nature-oriented, this video will have you bouncing to good health.

For Newbies

These women will have you seeing double as you complete this beginners workout. It's all about obtaining awesome posture while stretching the body and breaking a sweat. A number of different exercises are completed while hopping on the mini trampoline, working out the arms, legs, and torso. The twins make getting through this routine a breeze. With a backdrop and vibe that makes you feel like you're in a full classroom of bouncers, you'll step off the trampoline feeling awesome, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day.

Housewife Hustle

While you don't have to be a housewife to reap the benefits of this workout, it's perfect for women who want to get moving. It's intense enough to make you flustered, but light enough to pick up anytime, anywhere. Not only are you jumping, but you're stretching. What good is exercise if you injure yourself? This video makes sure that your body is ready and able for what you're putting it through. So there're no excuses not to get in better shape with this video. A handful of workouts will have you hustling and sweating the pounds away.

Caribbean Cardio

This group of girls definitely know how to get your blood pumping and body moving. If you've ever wanted to sweat it out in the Caribbean, this video will have you feeling the heat. It's a constant 20 minutes of fast and intense mini trampoline exercises for weight loss. The combination of cardio movements, leg kicks, and ferocious punching give you all the calorie burning power you need to kick start your weight loss journey. Pumping music and the constant image of waves in the backdrop will keep you motivated to get that beach bod you've always wanted.