Parents looking for a fun and unique way to keep their kid active should look towards the children's trampoline from Sportspower. The pint-sized unit is packed with safety features to keep young children safe from injury. Despite its small stature, My First Trampoline 84 is designed with similar features as a full-sized unit to ensure safety and durability for years to come.

  • Measures 84 inches across
  • 100-Pound weight capacity
  • Included safety enclosure
  • Padded spring cover and enclosure supports
  • Galvanized steel tube frame
  • Molded plastic leg structure
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • UV resistant polyethylene netting and jumping mat
  • Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards

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my first trampoline review


It includes an arched safety enclosure that provides protection at every turn. The support poles are heavily padded to prevent painful bumps and the seamless flexible net catches jumpers to keep them contained. Ample padding is included to cover the springs and provide protection at all edges. Because it doesn't use elastic bands, parents don't have to worry about the trampoline losing its safety over time. The durable springs create a strong foundation that provides a fun and safe bounce.


While this trampoline is great for younger kids, there are limits to what it can safely handle. My First Trampoline can support jumpers up to 100 pounds. This is only enough to support a single jumper at a time. Once kids surpass that weight limit, it's time for an upgrade. Another disadvantage is the unit's size. It measures roughly 7 feet across and is quite tall to accommodate the safety enclosure. It's significantly larger than other kid-sized trampolines. This is great for kids, but parents may have some issues finding a suitable spot for jumping. Inside, the trampoline can be cumbersome and quite the eyesore. Luckily, the various materials are treated for protection outdoors if there's no room in the house.


My first trampoline will provide kids with hours of fun while giving parents peace of mind. While many manufacturers use elastic bands and full plastic frames, Sportspower took a different route and put the best features of full-sized backyard trampolines into this miniature option.

The frame is made from galvanized steel tube. This material is rust-resistant and tough enough to create a strong foundation for jumping. This hardy frame acts as the skeleton of the frame. It's covered in blow molded plastic for extra support and an attractive look. This strong frame complements the padded safety enclosure. 3 arched supports extend high above young jumper and holds the netting taught. The net attaches to the trampoline frame, creating a seamless barrier with no gaps that kids can fall through. Best of all, the net provides full visibility of jumpers inside. Parents can keep a watchful eye on their kid and an easy zippered entrance provides quick access to the jumping surface.

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This unique trampoline is incredibly versatile. It can be used both indoors and out. The most vulnerable parts of the trampoline are protected from the elements. This includes the frame, jumping surface, and safety netting. The galvanized steel prevents rusting over time, preserving the trampoline for years to come. The netting and jumping mat are treated to resist UV damage, protecting its integrity in the bright sun. With these features, the trampoline can seamlessly transition for indoor to outdoor use with the changing seasons.


This trampoline is a great option for parents looking to invest in their child's first trampoline. As the name implies, My First Trampoline is the perfect introduction to the activity. The use of metal springs rather than elastic bands creates an authentic jumping experience while limiting rebound to remain safe. As an introductory unit, it can serve kids in their early years of development to promote good health and fun. Parents will love it because of the numerous safety features, high-quality materials, and easy use.


My First Trampoline 84 by Sportspower has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Parents all over the country praise the unit's solid build that keeps it fun and safe through hours of jumping. Furthermore, the trampoline is surprisingly easy to assemble. Even though it has a number of intricate parts that add to the structural integrity of the trampoline, detailed instructions make it easy. Parents can assemble it in only a few hours. Overall, the trampoline is loved by many buyers and their rambunctious jumpers.