While the market is filled with good trampoline brands, Pure Fun is one that stands out from the crowd due to their high-quality options. The company has a number of different models to choose from. Each is built with fun and safety in mind. Whether you're seeking a small rebounder or a large backyard trampoline for the whole family, Pure Fun has you covered. Here are some Pure Fun trampoline reviews of some of their most popular models.


Pure Fun 48 Inch Trampoline Specifications:

  • 48-inches in diameter
  • 100-pound capacity
  • 3.5-inch galvanized steel springs
  • Padded stability bar measuring 35-inches high
  • Spring cover
  • Padded feet

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Made for kids, this small trampoline can provide hours of fun, education, and exercise. Despite its fun look, the trampoline packs some serious features. It utilizes 42 springs around the perimeter of the jumping surface. They measure 3.5 inches long and provide great rebound. An attractive cover protects kids from the springs as they jump. A padded hand bar can be attached to the steel frame for stability or use as a fitness accessory.


Due to its small size, this trampoline can be used virtually anywhere. Measuring only 48 inches across, the unit can fit into any playroom or outdoor space. The feet have pads on them to prevent slipping on hard surfaces and scuffing. If the trampoline needs to be moved, it comes apart and assembles very easily.


A few buyers have commented about the integrity of the springs. While they are made from galvanized steel, they have been known to snap and break with prolonged use. The same goes with the legs of the frame. Repeated use, especially by a jumper on the higher end of the weight capacity limit, has resulted in breaking with some buyers.


Pure Fun Indoor Trampoline Product Specifications:

  • Available in 38 or 40-inch sizes
  • Steel frame with protective feet
  • Tough polypropylene jumping mat
  • Perimeter padding
  • High-tension springs
  • 250-pound capacity

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Those wanting to get fit can benefit from this small indoor rebounder. It's available in either 38 or 40-inch sizes, but both options contain the same features. The frame is made from durable steel and disassembles easily. 

The unit uses high-tension springs in a dual configuration. Each ring on the polypropylene jumping mat is supported by two springs in a V-shape. This created better rebound and a higher weight capacity.


This trampoline is designed for exercise, so it has excellent rebound and support. It doesn't have the same springiness as an outdoor recreational trampoline, but that is what makes the unit so effective. It reduces stress on the joints while being solid enough for a variety of exercises. The weight capacity is 250 pounds, making it accessible to a wider range of jumpers.


The springs used are very short to create increased tension. This design contributes to the unit's excellent rebound and support. Unfortunately, this makes them susceptible to damage. Some buyers have noted that springs break and pop if used aggressively or by someone close to the weight limit.


  • 14-foot diameter
  • 350-pound capacity
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • No-weld T-sockets
  • U-shaped legs
  • 96 springs
  • Weather-resistant jumping surface and padding

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Pure Fun 14 Foot Trampoline

This large backyard trampoline has a tough frame made of rust-resistant steel. It also utilizes no-weld T-sections that contribute to the overall durability. These T-sections prevent warping and twisting of the frame over time. 

The 6 legs are made in a U-shape to increase the number of contact points on the ground and prevent tipping. The jumping mat is coated for protection from the weather and the 96 springs are covered in a brightly-colored UV-resistant PVC.


One advantage that buyers have noted is that the Pure Fun 14 foot trampoline is very easy to assemble with a few helping hands. The included instructions are clear to understand and the various frame pieces fit together easily. Buyers also commend the incredible durability of both the frame and jumping surface. The trampoline uses high-quality materials and various coatings for protection.


The most noticeable con with this trampoline is that it doesn't include a safety enclosure. Without the enclosure, jumpers can easily fall off the unit due to a bad jump or landing. Buyers must purchase an enclosure separately to ensure that jumpers are safe at all times.


As these and many Pure Fun trampoline reviews will tell you, the brand has a number of great options. Attention to detail and superior construction is put into every unit. Pure Fun creates high-quality trampolines that the entire family can enjoy for many years to come.