While trampoline owners know how their backyard models have benefitted them, not everyone is convinced. There are a number of great reasons to own a trampoline. From positive health advantages to fun memories, owners can attest to the greatness that comes with these simple devices. Here are 33 why everyone should own a trampoline.

reasons to own a trampoline

Pure Fun

Should there be any other reason to own a trampoline other than the fact that they're loads of fun? The bouncy surface is attractive to people of all ages, from kids to full-grown adults. Trampolines offer way more fun than traditional toys and can last for many years. Unlike other activities that can become boring over time, trampolines are always there to provide families with an exhilarating way to play.


Gets Kids Off the Couch

With modern technology offering a bevy of entertainment choices in the palm of their hands, it can be difficult getting kids away from their technology and off the couches. While most kids would rather spend their days lounging around, a trampoline is a perfect way to get them up and moving. Most kids will get off the couch in a heartbeat at the opportunity to bounce on a trampoline.


The Cool Factor

With modern technology offering a bevy of entertainment choices in the palm of their hands, it can be difficult getting kids away from their technology and off the couches. While most kids would rather spend their days lounging around, a trampoline is a perfect way to get them up and moving. Most kids will get off the couch in a heartbeat at the opportunity to bounce on a trampoline.


Disguised Exercise

Trampolines are a great way to get people active without it feeling like exercise. Jumping on a trampoline burns calories and helps jumpers stay trim. This is especially true for kids who may not enjoy an afternoon run. Letting kids bounce on a regular basis will keep their weight in check. However, to them, it's simply a fun activity they love to do. They'll be none the wiser.


Great Cardio Alternative

Cardiovascular exercises can get pretty mundane over time, causing many to lose interest in keeping fit. Luckily, jumping on a trampoline is a great cardio alternative that will effectively raise the heart rate. A 20-30 minute bounce session is actually more effective than running alone according to NASA. So why not ditch the dreaded run and go for something a bit more appealing?


Easy on the Joints

Anyone experiencing joint issues can still enjoy bouncing. The activity is a low-impact exercise. The jumping mat absorbs most of the shock upon landing, alleviating the stress that would normally affect the joints. It's lighter on the joints than running. Anyone can spend hours on the jumping mat without feeling the effects afterward, making it great for those with issues and avoiding potential issues for those that don't.


Ultimate Creativity

Trampolines spark creativity in kids. Children view a backyard model as their own personal fortress for fun and play. Parents will start to notice their kids coming up with the craziest stories and games while they bounce away. Creative minds always come up with unique games that add a new dimension to jumping.


Outdoor Lounge

When a day of jumping is over, families that own a trampoline can convert their unit into a backyard lounge area. With a few pillows and a comfortable blanket, the entire family can lay back and watch the sun set. At night, trampolines can be used for camping. During the day, they're great for sunbathing. Either way, the soft and bouncing surface is perfect for lounging.


Improve Balance

Balance can be improved by regularly standing on a trampoline. The uneven surface isn't stable at all. This requires a constant shift in the center of gravity to stay upright. Kids can learn balancing skills as they get older and continue to develop. On the other hand, seniors can improve their balance to regain some stability on the solid ground.


Build Motor Skills

On a trampoline, the mind and body are working in overdrive to keep jumpers in a safe position. The brain must send signals to each and every part of the body to change positions and stay standing. If tricks are being performed, the body must get itself into a number of challenging positions. All of these activities help improve coordination. In kids, it builds motor skills that will translate to other areas of their lives.


Strenghten Muscles

To get up in the air, jumpers must use a lot of muscles. The muscles in the calves and thighs will get bigger and more toned over time. The same goes with the core muscles. The abs are used to stay upright on the trampoline and are used heavily with gymnastics. While it may seem like just fun, bouncing will work out a variety of muscles to get fit.


Group Fun

There's nothing more enjoyable than jumping on a trampoline with a number of other people. Families that own a trampoline can utilize the trampoline during parties or simple play dates. Kids will enjoy jumping with their friends. It's a great social activity that will teach them how to work and play well with others.


Relieve Stress

Those who have experienced a tough day at work or school can hop onto the trampoline to get rid of that bad energy. The activity releases endorphins. These hormones make people feel much better. Those that own a trampoline are generally happier people because the activity leaves them feeling rejuvenated and lively. It's a perfect stress reliever for anyone.


Jumping on a trampoline requires a ton of energy. To accommodate this need, the body produces more of it. This results in an increase in metabolism. The body will burn more calories than normal. The best thing is that the increase in metabolism continues well after the jumping ends. The body will burn more calories throughout the day, which can help maintain a healthy body weight.


Improve Immune System

The lymphatic system works in tandem with the immune system. It flushes out all of the bad toxins in the body. Unlike other systems, the lymphatic system works with movement. The motion of jumping up and down triggers the system to work more effectively. This ultimately allows the immune system to do its job much easier. It'll be able to catch and ward off bad diseases to keep jumpers healthy.


Games Galore

When it comes to games, the possibilities are endless. There are countless games to play on a trampoline. Some involve multiple people on the jumping surface while others can be played with those standing outside of it. Either way, the only limit is the jumper's imagination. Even if every known trampoline game is played, who's to say that jumpers can't make up their own fun game?


Strengthen Bones

Milk isn't the only thing that builds strong bones. Jumping on a trampoline puts some stress on the bones. While it may seem counterproductive in the growth process, it actually promotes the buildup of mineral content. Over time, the bones will become denser. It can reduce the chances of numerous bone conditions and help anyone be stronger in the long run.


Static Electricity

Thanks to the unique synthetic material used on the jumping surface, bouncers can easily build up static electricity in their bodies. This is a great opportunity to teach kids a bit of science as they play. But more importantly, it's fun to see their hair stand on end and the power they feel as they give friends a fun jolt.


Get Rid of Energy

Kids are known for having an abundance of energy that causes them to go crazy at the most inopportune times. Families that own a trampoline can get children to expend that energy by simply jumping on a trampoline. The activity requires a lot of energy, so kids will be burned out by the time the jumping session is over. It's great for parents that want an easier way to get them ready for a full night of sleep.


Avoid the Signs of Aging

The unique thing about trampolines is how gravity affects the body with each jump. Jumpers experience a moment of weightlessness before experiencing a higher gravitational pull. This constant change in gravity strengthens the cells inside the body and firms up the skin on the outside. Essentially, it helps avoid sagging skin for a younger appearance.


Become More Alert

Oxygen is a crucial for every part of the body, including the brain. As people jump on a trampoline, oxygen flows throughout the body at a higher rate. This results in more oxygen getting to the brain. Extra oxygen will make the brain more efficient, resulting in more mental alertness. Jumpers will be able to tackle difficult tasks with ease. Bouncers will naturally achieve more mental energy.


Build Lung Strength

The lungs get a massive workout during a jumping session. Most inactive people will get winded after only a few minutes and require a break to catch their breath. This is because the lungs aren't used to working as hard. Continuing to jump will give them a workout to increase the jumper's stamina and overall endurance. Eventually, their lungs will be able to work harder for longer periods of time.


Kid-friendly Distraction

All parents have experienced those afternoons when they're just not up to the task of playing with their kids. Most partake in the activities anyway to ensure that their kids are happy and safe. Owning a trampoline, parents can sit back and simply watch from a safe distance. They'll be close enough to the action to react if any accident occurs, but they'll be comfortable enough to relax.


Enjoy the Fresh Air

To own a trampoline is the perfect excuse for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Both kids and adults can hop onto the jumping surface to feel the breeze and enjoy the sun. Chances are, all of the rambunctious fun will draw everyone outside. In the end, the entire family will be out of the house, away from the daily grind, and relishing in nature.


Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is a common condition that plagues many people. While it's not dangerous, the dimple-like appearance can be a source of self-consciousness among women. Jumping on a trampoline can help smooth out the fat deposits for a more youthful appearance. Improved blood circulation throughout the affected area can decrease the appearance of cellulite dramatically. Of course, the benefit of weight loss will help get rid of some of the fat entirely.


Easy Landscaping

Families with a relatively big yard can take up some space with a large trampoline. It's an easy way to accessorize the yard and designate an area as a fun zone. Furthermore, grass tends to die off around the unit because the jumping surface blocks out sunlight. It'll cut down maintenance costs while also covering up any unsightly spots in the yard.



Gymnastics are a fun and impressive sport to partake in. The intricate flips look daunting to the untrained eye. But, many of those impressive stunts can be learned on a trampoline with a bit of practice. Budding gymnasts can learn the basics in their backyard. Many experienced gymnasts own a trampoline for easy training at home. It's a priceless tool that can help bring a gymnast's skills to the next level.


Take Basketball to the Next Level

Basketball hoops are a common accessory that can be placed on an enclosure net. They're safe and incredibly fun to use on a trampoline. When paired with a bouncy surface, jumpers can make impressive dunks they wouldn't otherwise be able to. It takes the game to a whole new level. Everyone can learn skills they can use to dominate the court.


Summertime Fun

While most don't realize it, trampolines handle water relatively well in the summertime. Add a hose, some water balloons, a couple foam toys, and jumpers can easily beat the summer heat. The jumping surface becomes a slippery haven for fun. With an enclosure net attached, parents can rest assured that they're kids are safe and keeping cool.


Safety Education

Trampolines are notorious for their history of causing injuries. Luckily, modern trampolines have a bevy of safety features to avoid injuries. Despite that, parents must teach their kids proper trampoline etiquette. They'll need to learn how to have fun in a safe way. These lessons will build a great foundation of safety skills that kids will take with them throughout their lives.


Hilarious Memories

The bouncy contraptions are a just a haven of fun and hilarious moments. Whether it's a happy accident, a cool trick, or a funny joke, To own a trampoline tend to be the source of good laughs. Even if people aren't on the trampoline, they'll enjoy watching jumpers bounce around and make a fool out of themselves. The fun memories are those that people will always remember.


Improve Heart Health

Jumping on a trampoline gets the blood pumping fast. Essentially, the heart is getting a much-needed workout. The heart rate is increased and the muscles working to move blood around the body are getting exercised. This improves the overall circulatory system, leading to a much healthier heart. The heart will get stronger over time, allowing jumpers to avoid potentially dangerous conditions in the future.


Family Fun

As kids get older, it's not uncommon for them to stray away from their parents and family. Trampolines are the perfect way to keep them close. Families that jump together stay together. Families can spend an afternoon playing games and having fun together. Ultimately, it strengthens a family's bond and improves their relationship. This family fun is something everyone can cherish for many years to come.