Trampoline boards are a unique way for jumpers to take their skills to the next level. They are similar in design to a standard snowboard or skateboard, making it possible to perform many of the same tricks and more. In fact, many professional athletes take advantage of the fitness benefits to train during the off-season.

Available in a variety of different designs and materials, there's a trampoline board for jumpers of any skill level. The increased surface area helps anyone achieve big air to perform the sickest tricks. With comfortable straps to secure the feet and soft materials to avoid injury, these boards are a safe option for fitness and fun. Here are some great trampoline boards to get anyone started.



This board is a durable option that can withstand some wear and tear without causing any damage to the trampoline. It's comprised of sturdy EVA foam that's backed by two layers of reinforcement. This construction method makes it very rigid. It's significantly heavier than other options, making it very similar to other action boards. The trampoline skateboard can be put through the ringer with no problem at all.

Bounceboard Classic Extreme Trampoline Boards Features:

  • Measures roughly 34 inches long by 12.5 inches wide
  • Weighs approximately 7 ounds
  • Made from EVA foam
  • Dual layer reinforcement for extra strength
  • D-Ring hook and loop feet straps
  • Textured feet grips
  • 17-inch stance
  • Available in 3 designs

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 Trampoline Board

To keep the board secure, the board features a D-ring hook and closure system. Jumpers can get an exact fit to maximize their jumping experience. The system ensures that the board will accommodate any user, even those as young as six years old. Rubberized and textured foot grips ensure that jumpers don't loose traction. Two small cutouts on either side of the board make it easy to grab mid-air and transport when it's not being used.


From the trusted brand Upper Bounce is this lightweight board. This board is comprised of a lighter foam that's flexible and easy to use. It moves and reacts to the body and trampoline mat with every jump, ensuring that users always have control. Despite its flexibility, the board is still solid enough to absorb the force of impact and perform a variety of challenging tricks.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Skate Features:

  • Made for novice jumpers
  • Weighs roughly 4.5 pounds
  • Made from soft and flexible foam
  • Textured and accented feet grips
  • Velcro straps
  • Rounded corners
  • Non-slip fabric on bottom
  • Built-in heel supports

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Trampoline skateboard

To make it safe on the trampoline, rounded edges are used. In terms of user safety, the board has textured foot grips, velcro straps, and a non-slip fabric on the bottom. The non-slip fabric improves traction and keeps jumpers stable whenever they make contact with the mat. Small heel supports are also built onto the top. They keep the foot secure while also placing it in a prime position for getting the most air and control.


Available in a range of cool colors and designs, this NSI trampoline bounce board is great for adventurous jumpers. The adjustable foot straps make it possible to get the best fit possible. It uses a hook and loop closure system that stays put no matter what it goes through. There's also a foam heel support for more stability during use.

NSI Trampoline Board Features:

  • Measures 34 inches long by 12 inches wide
  • Only 2 inches thick
  • Made from closed-cell foam
  • Slip-resistant fabric underside
  • Hook and loop feet enclosures
  • Foam heel supports
  • Weighs approximately 4 pounds

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trampoline bounce board

The manufacturers of this board managed to achieve an efficient combination of flexibility and durability. Closed-cell foam is used for its firmness and resistance to damage. It also provides the support and flexibility needed for training. It has rounded corners to keep the jumping mat safe from abrasive damage and a grippy fabric on the underside keep jumpers upright.


This trampoline bounce board from JumpSport has a good balance between weight and flexibility. At five pounds, it's a bit heavier than other options. However, this weight only adds to the board's stability. Even with more weight, the closed-cell foam construction keeps it flexible. It can bend and move with the jumper's weight for more control.

JumpSport Trampoline Board Features:

  • Measures 34 inches long by 12 inches wide
  • Only 2 inches thick
  • Weighs in at around 5 pounds
  • Made from closed-cell foam
  • Textured foot grips
  • Velcro straps
  • Slip-resistant fabric on underside
  • Curved edges and cutout grips

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trampoline boards

The combination of slip-resistant fabric on the bottom of the board and adjustable velcro foot straps ensures that jumpers are safe as they play. Thick foam heel supports are also used. The actual foot pads have a textured grip and are carved out of the foam material. This design puts the feet in the best position and prevents sliding.

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