Trampolines have evolved drastically over the last few decades. Today, trampolines are a fun and safe piece of gear that will liven up any backyard. Whether homeowners are looking for an exercise or recreational option, it's important to take time and consideration while choosing the right brand of trampoline.

When it comes to availability, the possibilities are endless. Designs, sizes, features, and overall quality differs between the trampoline brands. A good place to start on the search for a trampoline is to look into different brands. Here are the most trusted and safe trampoline brands available on the market today.

  • Solid construction
  • Safe alternative to springs
  • FlexiNet adds additional safety
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In the trampoline world, Springfree is synonymous with innovation and safety. While traditional metal springs are the norm, Springfree created a unique alternative. As the name implies, Springfree is known for their distinct design that incorporates composite rods rather than springs.

The company has humble beginnings, with the founder creating early prototypes back in 1993. The first model was sold in 2003 and the rest is history. Today, Springfree is regarded as one of the safest trampoline brands out there.


The main thing that sets Springfree apart is their use of composite rods. These rods are located underneath the jumping surface. They are attached to the frame and flex with the force of impact, providing bounce and rebound.

Because the frame is located beneath the surface, it's incredibly safe to use. There's no worry about hitting the frame or catching on springs. Furthermore, the FlexiNet that surrounds the trampoline is improved. It's attached to the frame and utilizes flexible rods that cushion jumpers. Unlike standard nets that have loose gaps jumpers can fall through, the FlexiNet completely encloses jumpers for maximum safety.

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  • Gap-free enclosure system
  • Durable T-joint frame construction
  • Models available in a variety of sizes and shapes
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Skywalker is often considered to be one of the best trampoline brands available due to their commitment to safety and fun. They were founded in 2004 and have since become a popular option for families around the world.

The great thing about Skywalker is their dedication to safety. The company creates a variety of different styles, shapes, and sizes of trampolines. They also manufacture a slew of fun accessories. All of their products adhere to ASTM safety standards, providing parents with peace of mind.


Skywalker has also created new technologies to make using their trampolines safer. When it comes to enclosures, the main problem has always been vulnerable gaps. The company fixed this issue by locking the net to the jump mat at every V-ring around the perimeter. This eliminates gaps and the need to thread cumbersome ropes.

They also use a unique T-joint on every leg of the frame. This improves the overall stability of the trampoline, allowing it to withstand years of use.

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  • A variety of models for kids and families
  • Strong and lasting construction
  • Treated materials to withstand elements
  • Easy to assemble
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Pure Fun is a versatile brand that offers a variety of different styles of trampolines. Parents looking for a small and safe option for their kids or a large backyard model have an abundance of options. The brand creates high-quality trampolines of different sizes and styles to suit anyone's fitness and recreational needs.

They too focus on quality and safety. Many of their offerings are made for younger children. Resulting in the company paying a lot of attention to safety features. Trampolines for kids are small, controlled, and safe with the inclusion of padded hand rests and durable nets.


One of the biggest things that sets Pure Fun trampolines apart from the rest is their construction. The company uses structural steel on the frames. This material is incredibly resilient and very easy to put together. Many models also have safety padding built right onto the frame. Even the jumping surface is treated to last, making Pure Fun a great brand for families.

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  • High-quality net enclosure
  • Impact absorbing jumping surface
  • A variety of fitness and recreational models
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Customers looking for trampolines that offer the utmost safety features should look into Jumpsport. Also regarded as one of the safest trampoline brands. The company is renowned for their innovative safety measures.

As a necessity the owners create Jumpsport in 1995. After numerous injuries experienced by their children on their own trampoline, the founders began designing safety accessories. Eventually, they went on to create the first enclosure net and go on to reinvent jumping surfaces.


Since their creation of the very first net enclosure, Jumpstart continues to make strides in safety and protection. The design of enclosures has evolved drastically. Newer designs improve upon earlier options, ensuring that kids of all ages stay safe.

Jumpstart also helped improve the standard jumping mat. New designs improve shock absorption to help avoid impact injuries. Families can expect all of these great safety features with each and every trampoline that comes from the family-owned business.

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  • Robust galvanized steel frame
  • Treated jumping surface
  • Ultra-Flex spring design


Airzone is very trusted and admired because of their high-quality materials and safety standards. Like other trampoline brands, Airzone options meet ASTM safety standards. An independent lab test the trampolines to ensure that all of their equipment is safe for children and adults alike.

The company provides a variety of models with sizes ranging from 8 feet in diameter to 15 feet. They also have a proprietary safety enclosure. The enclosure works with every model they offer. A patented spring design produces high, yet safe, bounce.


If you're looking for a trampoline that will last, can ensure that the materials used in Airzone trampolines are top notch. The frames are made from galvanized rust-resistant steel. They're also covered in PVC to withstand tough weather conditions. The mat itself is UV-protected as well.

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  • Treated frame and surface materials
  • Steel Flex enclosure system
  • Variety of accessories
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Bounce Pro is a relatively new brand that has been making waves in recent years. The brand is growing in popularity thanks to their superior materials and construction.

They provide families with a number of different sizes and models. Families can easily find an option to fit their needs and space. Trampolines are made with heavy-duty steel frames, treated jumping mats, and padded safety guards. Enclosures are made of flexible steel. The rods are padded for protection and flex with every jump.


One unique thing about this brand is their abundance of fun accessories that add even more enjoyment to their trampolines. Basketball hoops and attachable lights add a new dimension to bouncing. Lights can be used for night fun. Keeping kids centered on the jumping surface for safety.

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Trampolines are quite easy to assemble. They use durable materials to ensure that the unit is safe and long lasting. Included safety enclosures are padded and flexible, allowing any member of the family to enjoy the trampoline safely for many years to come.

This brand doesn't deal solely with trampolines. Exacme is a manufacturer of a variety of products. However, their trampolines are very popular among families. Nearly every trampoline comes in a bundle with safety equipment. Not only that, but the brand is fairly affordable compared to other alternatives.

 tranpoline BRANDS

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Ultega creates a variety of sports equipment for adults and children alike. They don't offer a whole lot in terms of variety. However, the trampolines they do provide are incredibly safe and fun to use. They're also considerably less expensive.

They offer only one backyard option. This trampoline features light and durable U-shaped legs. It also includes a safety enclosure with padded supports, perimeter padding, and a protected jumping surface. Ultega also offers a few indoor options. Including mini-trampolines for fitness enthusiasts and an enclosed child's trampoline.


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  • Small size and footprint
  • Additional fitness accessories
  • Durable build
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If exercise is what you're after, take a look at what Stamina has to offer. The company doesn't make outdoor family units. They're known for their superior rebounder mini trampolines. These options are made for exercise and have a number of great features.

The company was founded in 1987. Since then, they've created a large collection of fitness and leisure equipment. When it comes to fitness trampolines, Stamina is one of the best trampoline brands available.

Stamina's mini trampolines are as small as 36 inches in diameter. They also offer oval shaped options for more robust workouts. Some can fold up for easy storage while other include stability bars, elastic body cords, and fitness monitors. Each has a strong steel frame with rubber grips to keep floors safe.

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With the abundance of good trampoline brands out there, it can be hard for families and jumping enthusiasts to choose just one. So, to narrow down the options, you should consider what you're looking for in a trampoline and what a brand has to offer. Innovative brands continue to push the design and technology limits. Providing millions of people with safe and reliable trampolines they can enjoy for many years to come.