If there's one game every trampoline owner must play, it's dodgeball. Who doesn't love this game? Dodgeball is a time-honored tradition in high school gyms across the world, so why not bring it to the bouncy surface of a trampoline? It's a fun and exciting way to get some exercise while also flexing one's competitive side. There are a number of different ways to play trampoline dodgeball, but they all have similar rules and guidelines. They take the basics of traditional dodgeball but add the unique challenge of jumping into the mix to create a game that's truly fun to play.

trampoline dodgeball


With this version of dodgeball, only one person is bouncing on the trampoline. It's best for standard round backyard trampolines that don't utilize netting to keep jumpers contained. With one person on the trampoline, other players should surround the unit and free up some space to run around. Players can designate a play area outside of the trampoline and a distance in which players must stay from it at all times.

The player inside the trampoline will have the dodgeball. Their goal is to hit the other players outside of the trampoline. Those that aren't on the trampoline should run around and avoid getting hit. If they are, they're out until one victor is standing. Alternatively, the roles can be reversed. Those outside the trampoline can have multiple balls and attempt to hit the jumper. The jumper's goal is to use their bouncing skills to dodge every ball.


The trampoline dodgeball rules with this version are fairly simple. Once the play area is designated, those outside the trampoline can't cross the boundary to dodge the ball. Also, players must stay at least 10 feet away from the trampoline to make it a challenge for the thrower. Jumpers must make throws only while they're in the air. They must time their jump and adjust their height as they aim to be successful.

If the alternate version of the game is being played, those outside the trampoline must only hit the jumper below the belt. Any shot higher will put the thrower out. Once the jumper is hit, the player throwing the ball switches places.


This is played in a larger trampoline that's complete with a safety net. With a single ball in the trampoline, players must jump around and avoid touching the ball. Players should treat the ball as if it were poison, hence the name. This basic version is a unique take on trampoline dodgeball, as users don't actually pick up the ball or throw it. Instead, they let the jumping mat do the work.

With every jump, the ball will roll and bounce off the mat. It will send it flying throughout the jumping space, making it very difficult to avoid. Of course, players should be cautious of where they're jumping to avoid any potential injuries.

Those wanting to add another element to the game can add throwing into the mix. With this version, players are able to touch the ball with their hands, but only if it's in the air. This can get competitive very quickly, as players will have to dodge the ball while also attempting to catch it in the air to knock others out of the game.


Regardless of which version is being played, those touched by the ball are out. However, that doesn't mean they have to stop playing. Once a player is out, they must sit on the edge of the trampoline. They can then manipulate the ball by rolling it towards other players. The game should continue on until only one player is victorious.


Ultimate trampoline dodgeball is the most fun and adrenaline-pumping version of the game. This game requires a considerably large trampoline like a professional rectangular unit. However, it's best played in a large trampoline facility where the entire floor is made from trampolines. In a trampoline park, players will have an entire playing field to use. It's played the same way as that time-honored gym game, but with a unique twist.

Players can utilize the trampolines to dodge the ball, perform tricks, and make awesome plays. If it's being played at a trampoline park with angled units on the walls, the game just gets better. Players will have to jump, fly, run, and perform acrobats to get out of the way of the balls. It's truly impressive to see it played by experienced jumpers and even more fun to partake in the action.


This trampoline dodgeball game has the same set of rules as traditional dodgeball plus the set rules of the facility. If it's being played on a large unit at home, players should set up safety rules to avoid injury. These can include rules to forbid hitting above the waist, prevent complex acrobatics, and strict penalties for head shots.

Ultimate trampoline dodgeball should be played with a large number of participants. Everyone should be separated into two opposing teams. The aim of the game is to throw the balls and take out each member of the opposing team one by one. Players can work together to knock opposing players out, all while dodging rival hits.

If a player happens to catch a throw from the opposing team before it hits the trampoline mat or bounces, the thrower is out. Players must be very observant, as the game often utilizes multiple balls. Unique tactics can be used to avoid throws, such as using a ball to deflect it away. Players should be active, play to win, and use their best judgment on the trampoline to come out on top.

trampoline dodgeball rules


Dodgeball is a great way to have fun on a trampoline. These are just a few different types of trampoline dodgeball games. There are many others out there that offer unique rules and a ton of fun. Regardless of which version is played, it's important to stick to the trampoline dodgeball rules to remain safe. It's all about good-natured competitive fun. Players should take the opportunity to experiment and try new things as they play. These games will add a new element to trampoline bouncing and are a great way to get people active, regardless of age.