14 Amazing Trampoline Fun Facts that will Blow Your Mind

1 The first ever trampoline was invented and built by George Nissen in his garage 1936

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2 He came up with the idea after having seen trapeze artists performing tricks when bouncing off of the safety net

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3 The word Trampoline origin from the spanish word El Trampolin, which means diving board

4 During World War II the trampoline was
used to train pilots, helping to instruct body position and sensations associated with flight. 

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5 Unofficial trampolining contests in the US first took place in 1947, with official competitions soon following in 1954.

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6 The first world championships were held in London in 1964 and won by Dan Millman and Judy Wills

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7 Trampolining has been considered an Olympic sport since the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

8 Alexander Moskalenko is the most succesful olympic trampolinist with 1 Gold and 1 Silver.

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trampoline spotters

9 At least 4 spotters stand around the trampoline during the routine to prevent accidents

                                               Article about  trampoline spotters

g force

10 The G-Force on a trampolinist for each move is 14.2 

What is G-Force?

largest trampoline in the world

11 The largest trampoline is in Kent. They built the trampoline inside a cavern that is located inside a 100ft deep and 60ft wide former slate mine. Find out more HERE

trampoline world record

12 The highest trampoline bounce by a team is 6.73 m (22 ft 1 in) and was set by brothers Eric, Sean and TJ Kennedy on 8 April 2014. Video!by today.com

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13 Most jumps on a trampoline, grabbing a bar is 39 times. Set by Paul Starosciak in 2014. See it!

14 Ben Hogan achieved most consecutive alternating back/front flips on a trampoline.
102 times in 2015