Trampoline Replacement Mats

Numerous mats are available on the market. Overall, there's not a huge difference in quality between mats that come from the manufacturer and aftermarket options. They are usually made with the same types of materials. However, the quality of the materials used and the construction of the mat can differ between brands. Below you'll find the trampoline replacement mats you'll need.

Trampoline Pro

trampoline replacement Mat

Trampoline Pro offers a wide range of circular and square jumping mats. They range in size from 8 feet across up to 15 feet across.
When selecting a mat, buyers can choose the perfect option based on the measurements they took. Within each diameter size, there's the option to select the appropriate amount of springs needed and how long they are.
While they don't come with springs, this measurement is vital to ensure that the mat fits with existing springs.

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All of the mats are made with Permatron fabric. It uses this 840D threading for added strength. It's puncture resistant and woven to be smooth and comfortable on the feet.
The entire mat is also treated for UV protection. Even the ring straps are UV-inhibiting, which is often overlooked by many brands. The spring connection rings are made from high-quality zinc.

Upper Bounce

Trampoline Replacement pads

The mats from Upper Bounce are a superb option for any family trampoline. They are made from polypropylene mesh material. It's an extra strong material that's made to withstand heavy wear and tear. It uses 8 rows of stitching for tear resistance and years of durability. The mats are also treated to withstand the elements. They contain a UV protective coating and are able to resist water damage and fading over time.

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The mat is available in sizes as small as 7.5 feet up to a massive 16 feet. Each size comes in multiple configurations based on a particular trampoline's spring measurements. Buyers can get a mat made for small 5.5-inch springs up to larger 7-inch springs and attachment ring numbers ranging between 42 and 100


replacement Trampoline Mat

From SkyBound are these affordable, yet effective, replacement trampoline mats. They are available in sizes ranging between 8 feet in diameter up to 15. Square options are also available. The mats are made from high-quality synthetic materials and are made with extra stitching. This increases the thickness and overall durability. The unique thing about these mats is that they are treated with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coatings. These coatings help keep jumpers safe from anything that may grow on the mat as a result of moisture buildup.

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SkyBound also offers each size with a plethora of choices in terms of rings and spring size. The largest option they offer is 84 rings made for springs with a length of 8.5 inches. Thick V-rings made of strong steel are used around the perimeter for durability. They provide great support in even the most rigorous jumping.


Despite being made to last, it's not uncommon for trampolines to require a bit of updating at some point. Trampolines use tough materials that can withstand years of use and a constant barrage of undesirable weather conditions. 

However, they're not completely indestructible. In most cases, the thick steel frame will outlast every other part of the trampoline. The component that may need replacing down the line is the jumping mat.

Trampoline replacement mats allow owners to bring new life to their unit and provide many more years of use. While mats are made from thick fibers, constant wear and exposure cause them to deteriorate. By replacing the mat, owners are able to make the trampoline like new while making it much safer to use.


A damaged trampoline mat may show several different signs of damage. One of the most common is thin and brittle fibers. This can occur throughout the surface or in several particular spots. This occurs when the mat loses its protective qualities and experiences UV damage and stress.

Fibers may become torn and fall out, leaving behind a very thin layer of woven fabric. While it may appear to be intact, it's only a matter of time before the fibers rip and expose a hole. Frayed ends and tears are a huge safety hazard. Jumping on a damaged mat will only tear the surface further, resulting in the jumper falling through.


Taking proper measurements is crucial when looking for replacement trampoline mats. While a trampoline may be advertised at a certain size, differences in spring length and mat size result in variations across brands. Frames must be measured from the inside edges. 

On a circular trampoline, simply measure from one end of the trampoline to the other. It's important to walk around the perimeter of the frame to ensure that the measurement is consistent. For rectangular or square trampolines, each side needs to be measured.

Springs also need to be measured and counted. Different manufacturers use different lengths. The spring needs to be measured length-wise in a relaxed position. This means that it needs to be removed completely. It's also important to count how many springs are used throughout the perimeter of the trampoline to ensure that adequate support is provided.

Trampoline Replacement Mats - Conclusion

"Trampoline replacement mats are fairly simple and inexpensive. While many owners opt to repair the mat instead, it only delays an inevitable problem. Replacing a mat completely is more cost effective and can return a trampoline back to its original glory for many more years of fun."


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