Tabata training is an excellent alternative to difficult and time-consuming workout routines. It's quick, relatively easy, and quite fun to perform. With the addition of a rebounder trampoline, fitness enthusiasts can maximize their efforts for the best results. Trampoline Tabata workouts combine the benefits of trampoline jumping with the effectiveness of high-intensity training to build strength, lose weight, and stay healthy.

What Exactly Is Tabata?

Essentially, Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training that lasts for only 4 minutes. This makes it a great option for those limited on time. However, don't let the short time-frame fool you. 

These 4 minutes are packed with exercises that make you sweat. Routines are comprised of various different activities that are performed in short 20-second intervals. During these 20 seconds, the body is pushed hard. A short 10 seconds of rest follows the activity before moving on to something new.

The benefit of this method is that the heart rate is raised very quickly. The combination of high-intensity and rest increase the overall cardiovascular recovery time. This results in the body burning more calories for a prolonged period of time, even after the 4 minutes is done and over with.

Adding a Trampoline

Any exercise performed on a trampoline is beneficial for the body. The constant rebound keeps the body and mind guessing. It increases the heart rate and works out a range of different muscles. 

Trampolines make any normal exercise much more effective. Not only that but jumping on a trampoline is a low-impact activity. It's easier on the joints and more comfortable. This makes exercising more accessible to those that may experience pain and joint issues.

Tabata trampoline exercises are very effective in increasing metabolism throughout the day and increasing caloric burn. The best thing about using a rebounder is that the device adds versatility to a workout in a small space. Exercises can range from simple jumping and knee lifts to more advanced moves that make use of the arms and torso. 

Rebounders are also useful for performing non-jumping exercises like dips and crunches. Additional accessories like a stability bar and elastic bands will provide even more exercise options.

Trampoline Tabata Exercises

Here are just a few trampoline exercises to get started. They can be combined to create an effective Trampoline Tabata routine that will quickly raise the heart rate and improve metabolism. All you need is a rebounder, timer, and some fast-paced music to get you pumped.

  • Knee Lifts

Knee lifts work out the leg muscles and increase the heart rate tremendously. With each jump, lift the knees high. To ensure that each lift is effective, place the hands at waist height and aim to hit them. Alternatively, a clap of the hands below each knee adds a new challenge

  • Twists

Twists utilize the arms and core. With each jump, turn the lower body from side to side. Make sure that the knees twist as well. The upper body should stay facing forward. To accompany the legs, the arms should be stretched out to the side. With each twist, pull one arm in to receive a great bicep workout.

  • Fast Feet

This exercise is an essential part of any trampoline routine. It's a fast sprint that will make anyone sweat. The feet should be moving quickly while the upper body is in a crunched position to retain stability and work out the abs.

With a great trampoline Tabata routine, anyone can jump their way to better health. All it takes is a high-quality rebounder and 4 minutes to burn fat and shed pounds.