While trampoline tricks do require some physical prowess, the bouncy surface elevates them to the next level. Trampoline tricks for intermediate jumpers demand a mastery of the basics and tons of practice. 

They are a bit more challenging, so safety should always be a priority. However, continued training will allow anyone to perform these stunts easily. Here are some popular intermediate trampoline tricks.

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Trampoline Tricks for Intermediate

Often used as part of a sequence, the back handspring uses the hands to flip the body back. Start off closer to the edge of the trampoline and lightly bounce to gain momentum.

At the low point of the final bounce, get into a seated position with the knees bend at 90 degrees. As the jumping mat rebounds, stand up and lift off backward with the arms above the head.

The arms will help generate a rotation. The hands should be set apart as they touch down on the mat to support the body's weight.

While upside down,kick the feet forward as fast as possible until they touch back down. Simply straighten the body with the arms up to complete the stunt.


Intermediate Trampoline Tricks

While it is very similar to the back handspring, this trick requires a bit of a running start.It's important to ensure that there's adequate room to avoid falling off the trampoline.

With the arms straight above the head, take a few running steps and raise the dominant leg. Thrust this leg forward and bend down to plant the hands onto the mat.

Then, kick the other leg upward to get into a handstand position.Bring the other leg up and keep both of the feet together while pushing off the mat with the hands.

A perfect landing requires the feet to hit the mat softly while the arms raise above the head.



Backflips, while very fun to do, can be a bit daunting. It's important to take it slow and train the body prior to committing fully to the trick. Start by bouncing as high as possible while leaning back slightly.

Performing backdrops is a great way to get comfortable. When ready, bounce high with the arms up and knees bent. Immediately after takeoff, bend backward and look at the jumping mat.

Use the arms to get momentum and rotate. Bring the knees up and grab them with the hands to help rotate fully. Once the rotation is complete, it's just a matter of sticking the landing.



Once the backflip is accomplished, a front flip can be achieved by changing the direct of the rotation. Starting again by getting a few good bounces in to build momentum.

This trick needs as much air as possible to prevent significant injuries. At the highest jump, lean forward slightly with the arms up. Bring the knees up. Instead of grabbing the knees, aim for the calves to tuck the legs in.

This motion will help complete the rotation. Unwind the body and land on the feet with the knees bend slightly to reduce the impact on the joints.



Side flips can be used in a sequence for some truly impressive flair. To learn it, jumpers need to utilize their backflipping skills. Essentially, side flips use the same techniques as other flips, but the unnatural motion can be hard to get used to.

Start by performing a normal backflip. However, with each attempt, try to twist the body to achieve a quarter turn. Once this is mastered, try to start the backflip by turning the shoulders in one direction.

Once comfortable, jump to gain momentum. Then, use the hips, shoulders, and head to initiate the flip. Unlike other flips, the arms aren't used for rotation. While it may seem hard, it's just about getting comfortable.



This is one of the harder trampoline tricks for intermediate. It uses the front flip as its foundation. However, the body ends up facing the opposite direction due to a turn mid-air. Start off by performing a front flip. Instead of tucking the legs up, keep them straight and tight.

The rotation needs to come from a hard lean forward. Both arms should be up. At the top of the rotation, lower one arm to the side of the body and use that shoulder to twist around. On the way down, lift the other arm back up to straighten the body and land solidly on the jumping mat with both feet.