The Vuly Thunder trampoline is often touted as one of the safest and strongest trampolines in existence. With its springless design and futuristic appearance, it's certainly one of the most unconventional options out there. While the Vuly trampoline USA market is relatively new, it's rapidly growing in popularity. This is because the unique trampoline throws tradition out the window in favor of new technology and design. But how does it stack up to the competitors?


The Vuly Thunder trampoline is designed with performance and safety in mind. The round trampoline is available in three different sizes ranging from a medium 8.5 feet up to the extra-large 12.5 feet.

  • Large trampoline measures 12.5 feet across
  • 330-pound weight capacity
  • Galvanized and powder-coated steel frame
  • Steel Leaf Spring system
  • Included safety net and bowed support posts
  • Silk Terylene enclosure
  • Polypropylene jumping mat

One of the most noticeable features of the Vuly Thunder is its durable frame. The frame is made of thick galvanized steel that's powder coated for a sleek black finish. Unlike traditional trampolines that hold the jumping mat inside the frame, this one is hidden underneath for maximum safety. When fully assembled, the extra-large trampoline weighs over 550 pounds.

Enclosure Net
Additional poles are used to support the included safety enclosure. These vertical support posts rise 10-feet off the ground and attach to the bottom of the frame. They're bowed outward to create a safe distance to jumpers. The safety net is stitched directly onto the jumping mat to create a seamless transition. The mat itself is made from silk Terylene, which is renowned for its strength and resilience. There's even an additional skirt to cover the frame and prevent curious animals or kids from getting underneath the trampoline.

Jumping Mat
Made from strong polypropylene, the jumping mat is built to last. It has 6 rows of stitching for extra durability, softness, and bounce. In total, the trampoline has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. For those imaginative jumpers, there's also a variety of symbols and fun images printed on the mat for playing games.

Leaf Springs
The Vuly Thunder's claim to fame is its innovative Leaf Spring system. Instead of using traditional steel springs, the manufacturers took inspiration from suspension systems on large trucks. They're made from flattened steel that's tapered and curved to mimic the look of a leaf. Each spring is separated into three parts. Depending on the jumper's force of impact and weight, these separate sections will bend to create energy and launch jumpers high into the air.


Every detail in the Vuly Thunder is meticulously designed to minimize injuries. Once inside the trampoline, jumpers are separated from components that could cause harm. The jumping area is completely sealed to prevent falling through. The bowed design of the vertical supports also helps to prevent injury by placing the bulk of the metal further away from jumpers. The safety net also has a tighter weave that prevents snags and feels smooth on the skin.

The springs are also positioned out of harm's way. Because they're located underneath the jumper, there's no need to worry about pinched fingers. Even if they were exposed, their fundamental design leaves no opportunity for pinching. One thing that's noticeably absent from this trampoline is padding. Because there's no exposed springs or metal within the jumper's vicinity, there's no need for them. The trampoline is truly designed to be as safe as possible.


The Leaf Springs provide a far superior bounce to traditional coil springs. Not only that, but the bounce is even and easy on jumpers. On traditional spring trampolines, the jumper's position on the mat has a direct effect on how high they can get. This is because the springs react differently based on where the force of impact is. With the Leaf Springs, that's not an issue. The springs react evenly. With their thick and durable construction, the Leaf Springs also help jumpers get more power. Very little energy is lost as it transfers to the Leaf Springs and back to the jumper.


While traditional trampolines typically come with many parts to assemble, the Vuly Thunder only has 6. There're no bolts or nuts to worry about. Instead, there are simple button locks that click together. This assembly method is not only easy, but it adds durability to the unit.


Every component is treated to resist damage. The frame has two layers of defense with powder-coated paint and galvanization. The jumping mat and enclosure net are also treated to be UV-resistant. The net's resilient material also helps to prevent fraying and tearing that commonly occurs with enclosure systems after only a few months.

Despite utilizing a simple button lock assembly system, the frame is capable of staying stable through rigorous jumping. The metal joinery is solid. There're no weld spots that can deteriorate over time or nuts and bolts that can snap. 


Vuly is a relatively new Australian company that started in 2007. While they do offer a range of recreational trampolines, the Thunder is their most notable. The Vuly trampoline USA office launched in 2014. That same year, the company started working with Toys R Us to improve availability and exposure across the globe.

Additional Models
Vuly has a number of traditional trampoline options. These include the Classic, Lite, and Vuly 2. Despite their traditional appearance, Vuly made tweaks to the core design to ensure that these units are safer than trampolines of yesteryear. They include bowed vertical supports, strong frames, seamless enclosure nets, and much more. The company also sells slight variations of the Thunder model that include different types of netting and pole shapes.


Vuly provides a number of great accessories to enhance the jumping experience. One of the most common and useful accessories is the tent. It attaches to the top of the enclosure system and provides adequate protection from the sun. It can also keep the jumping mat free of water, snow, or debris.

A basketball hoop is also available. It attaches to a vertical support post and includes a flexible padded hoop for safety. Additional accessories include a water mister to keep cool on hot days, a speaker for listening to music, and wheels to make moving the unit a bit easier. Vuly also offers lightweight trick deck made of plywood and foam to perform stunts on the trampoline.


The warranty for the Vuly Thunder trampoline covers defects and manufacturing faults. It doesn't cover issues that arise due to regular wear and tear or poor maintenance. With that being said, Vuly offers an 8-year warranty for the frame. This covers the tubes and joiner poles. For the mat and safety enclosure, the warranty is 2 years. The Leaf Springs only have a warranty of 1 year. One additional benefit is that replacement parts for the trampoline are available to customers at half the price. To claim this benefit, however, you need to keep the receipt safe to provide proof of purchase.


The easiest trampolines you can compare the Vuly Thunder with are from SpringFree. Both feature springless designs, have multiple size options, and utilize a variety of safety features. Some noticeable similarities include the utilization of a seamless enclosure system, bowed vertical supports, and hidden frame design.

However, the Vuly Thunder differs from SpringFree in its build. The frame of the Vuly Thunder is significantly bulkier than that of the SpringFree. Its use of galvanized steel in the Leaf Springs and vertical supports make it heavier than the alternative. SpringFree uses composite fiberglass rods. The added bulk results in a higher jumper weight capacity of 330 pounds compared to SpringFree's 220 pounds. The Vuly Thunder also has fewer legs and sits lower to the ground than a SpringFree trampoline. The Vuly vs SpringFree argument is minimal at best. Both have innovative technology and great safety features. The choice amongst the two comes down to durability and stability. In that case, the Vuly Thunder reigns supreme.


All in all the Vuly Thunder is a great option for those wanting a trampoline that keeps them safe. It's a unique alternative to traditional spring trampolines that offers a superior bounce. With its high-quality materials and durable build, the Vuly Thunder is a trampoline that can be enjoyed by jumpers of all ages and skill levels. It takes care of all the common safety issues to let you jump with confidence.