When it comes to choosing the best trampoline for kids and families, finding the safest trampoline is a top priority. While they are fun to use and help kids get some much-needed exercise, traditional trampolines pose a number of safety concerns. 

If you're looking for a fresh and modern take on the traditional trampoline design with the most safety offered, there's only one brand to look at, Springfree


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SpringFree trampolines are known for being the safest option available on the market today. The unique design is highly praised by critics, industry experts, and buyers alike. SpringFree addresses the common problems associated with traditional trampolines to create a better option for families.

The company was formed by a father who wanted to create a safe jumping experience for his daughters. To formulate the design, he studied impact points and the effects it had on the body. Common injuries attributed to trampolines were also heavily studied. From there, he created the first prototype in 1993. Since then, SpringFree trampolines have become a highly respected brand all over the world.


As the name implies, a springless trampoline has zero springs. They don't rely on thick metal coils to provide rebound. Instead, they use composite rods. These rods act very similarly to traditional springs. They can handle the weight of a jumper and flex to transfer potential energy, launching the jumper back into the air. However, that's where the similarities stop.

The position of the rods increases safety immensely. On traditional trampolines, springs are located throughout the perimeter. They attach to the frame, making it dangerous for children to veer away from the center of the jumping mat. In springless trampolines, the rods and frame are underneath the jumping mat and out of the way. The rods support the frame excellently, eliminating the need for having the frame level with the mat.

With both components underneath the mat, there's no worry about pinching or hard landings. The most common types of injuries resulting from trampoline usage are from landing hard on the steel frame. In a springless design, the frame is completely separated from the jumper. Making it safe and fun to use.


When it comes to choosing between a SpringFree trampoline and a traditional spring option, the differences are plentiful. While the overall operation is the same, a springless trampoline uses may unique designs.

There's a reason that SpringFree is considered one of the best trampoline brands for safety. They use a completely new design and superior technologies. They challenge the same traditional construction of trampolines that have been used since their infancy.

In addition to the rod mechanisms that provide bounce, SpringFree improves other components as well. They've made vast improvements to the jumping mat and safety nets. Resulting in their product line being the safest trampolines in the world.


SpringFree uses a SoftEdge mat that is comfortable and safe to use. It absorbs shock up to 30 times better than cheaper alternatives. This reduces the force of impact on the joints. Avoiding complications in the future. It stretches with every force of impact as the rods beneath it flex outwards. This combination of actions happen with every jump and work to decrease the effects of prolonged jumping.

On a spring trampoline, mats tend to be made from cheap polypropylene. Depending on the manufacturer, the mat may only be strong in the beginning. It's not uncommon for cheap mats to deteriorate over time. Resulting in rips and tears that render the entire unit useless. This often occurs due to heavy wear and weather. They are also tougher on the joints due to their inferior flexibility.


Springfree also uses a FlexiNet system. This is an improved enclosure net that attaches to the frame via flexible rods. Traditional safety nets use the same metal that the frame uses.
While they may prevent falls, they actually pose an additional risk of jumping hitting them. This is just as dangerous as landing on the frame. To combat this, the FlexiNet moves with every jump.
If a child falls into the net, it'll simply move with the force of impact to catch the child and move them back towards the center.

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Modern trampoline design is constantly evolving. New technology allows manufacturers to improve performance and safety. While high safety enclosures and heavy padding do wonders to lessen the chances of injury. The inherently dangerous components of a trampoline are still present.

Kids injure themselves when falling off the apparatus or onto the blunt and heavy frame. Additionally, springs are known to pinch fingers and toes when not protected.

If you go with a spring trampoline, you'll have great fun. However, they have components that are known to cause kids and adults harm. Sure, protective padding is available to cushion the blow and decrease the chances of injury. But, they don't eliminate them completely.

SpringFree may be on the upper end of the price spectrum. But you're getting the safest trampoline in the world. The brand takes pride in delivering a truly unique option that is safe for kids of all ages. If you're a parent, rest assure that your child is completely safe while they expend energy and have fun.